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29th Aug 2003, 01:23
for perhaps a couple of weeks. ya see, my landlord stopped by for the first time in about 5 years the other day to tell me he was probably going to sell the apartments i live in. and thus, im moving. im 24 and have to move back in with the parents for a year. this is quite embarrasing, and will be trying of my patience im sure. but anyway ill be gone for a little bit until i can get the second line hooked up for the computer and get my new account set up. so progress on my fms has halted for a bit. at least i managed to write the short story i promised to do for azarahn's new fm, Heart of Stone. for those of you curious about that its going to be a great fm! she sent me the file a while back and i ran around a bit in it and it gives me a feel of moutains sort of like the inverted manse. its a big city with a (hopefully) powerful storyline that im writing for it. i wish i remembed the link to her website...

anyway just in case anyone gets curious just wanted to post and say that ill be gone for a bit, but not too long. until this happened, my new fm was going to be done in mid sept. now i just dont know when it will be ready :(

this is for the best, in one years time i shall be trying to buy my own home :D

29th Aug 2003, 01:30
Don't forget us and come back soon!! We will be waiting to hear from you. :( :eek: :D

29th Aug 2003, 01:35
Come back soon. Horrible ain't it. The Fickle Finger of Fate tickles us all now and then. :p

29th Aug 2003, 13:01
Don't be embarrassed staying with your parents. Be glad that they are still around, in your life and relish this time together. I know you need to get out of the nest, that is natural. But as long as you are there...hang out with them, party and get to know them. You'll cherish this time later.

Looking forward to your return.

30th Aug 2003, 04:54
Don't stay away too long!


Don't forget the bird of paradise.

30th Aug 2003, 13:03
Don't feel bad about having to move back in with your parents. That's very common nowadays, as getting started is an expensive business and steady jobs can be hard to come by. Our daughter moved back in "for awhile" after teaching English in S. Korea and ended up staying for almost 5 years. It helped her get on her feet and into a house of her own. You'll be independent again before you know it.

I've had a look at Azarahan's mission, too and it's going to be really nice. You do good stories so that should add a lot to it. :)

5th Sep 2003, 00:14
woot! im not completely back, they havent hooked up my line but i used my parents phone line to check in. thanks for all the kind words, i do plan on buying a house next year ;)

man, im running out of fms to play and cant d/l any :( ack, at least i bought alice and undying the other night so i have something to play.

nightwalker, i have a book ready for azarahns fm im going to email her while im online tonight :)

thanks and glad to be able to stop in here!

6th Sep 2003, 00:08
Oh amievil? that's too bad you have to move on short notice relatively...but glad you do have a place to get into...and feel grateful that your parents WILL let you back in...LOL How wonderful it will be when your able to finally get back out and start shopping for your OWN home!!!! That's wonderful :)

As far as your FM...we'll all still be here and waiting whenever as always..we're all just happy you all still feel like making them! ;)

My machine is still in the shop...going on the third week almost..hope Abit hurries up and gets my MB fixed and back to the tech so he can finish up with it. Then I'll be dl'g for quite some time...although there are several new ones...my 56K will take even longer to get them :D

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

6th Sep 2003, 18:09
im back and most evil in presence!

finally i got my internet back :D i also even managed to work a little on my fm two nights ago :)

someone sent me a pm about night falcon or something i assume this must be a huge fm they want to send on disc or something anyway....

sorry to hear about your computer huntress. the wait to use it must be awful, i hate waiting for things like that. i needed the internet so that if i can into a problem i could get help with it on my fm and when i dont have that access i just feel bummed and wind up playing alice hehe....its a cool game even though its 3rd person.
anyway this last two weeks has been so frantic but now i feel as though everything is settling down and getting back to buisness. im so glad i d/led a few fms before i went offline, i was down to my last one to play yesterday :D i did play through inverted manse on my "downtime" :D

8th Sep 2003, 12:08
Glad to hear you are back AND most evil in presence !

I sent the PM because you had complained about not having any more Thief FM's, and no real connection, so thought you might want to know about Christine's new series and the mailout. :) My apologies if it came across like spam.

I also didn't want to be too brazen and announce Jabberwocky's mailing campaign here before he had the chance to. It had been announced over at TTLG . A thief in need thread (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=73284)