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28th Aug 2003, 23:25
Hiya fellow LOK fans~

I was asked to post this feedback here by Dan Cabuco for everyone to see ^^
Some of you might have seen the exact same article on some other forums so I'm really sorry if u've read it before.

*Apparently, this was not the E3 Demo, but the latest demo (as I wrote in my other posts) - thanx for correcting me Dan ^^ *

The Playstaition Experience is an anual event that takes place in London UK for fans to try out new games that won' t be released for a few months, have tournaments, live music etc.

This is my feedback after playing the demo! ^__^

Got to Earl's Court early and went straight to the [Quest] section...luckily there where a few booths for DEFINACE so I got in there straight away ^^

I started in a Sarafan keep, and got all the way to some really gorgeous looking underwater caverns.
Graphically~ lovely work, the models really do surpass SR2, I can tell that much pushing of limits for the PS2 have been done. I was really stunned by the detail in Kain's model.

There was a lot of pressure with the gameplay time coz ppl where beginning to queue up behind me, so I couldn't really have a full look around at all the pretty scenery.
Took some time to get into some butt kicking, but I must say I was impressed by the combat system! The telekinesis stuff was a real welcome treat~ pushing those Sarafan all over the place or into me and a well defined juggling combo!

One thing tho, the automatic targeting system became a lil difficult sometimes. Whereas the automatic targeting was good, I couldn’t find a way to change who was being targeted (like u can in SR2).
So if ur trying to tactically telekinetically move enemies around, u can’t... Maybe that was just me being crappy with the controls?
Tho I've been told that the combat system's still got a way to go!

Argh I couldn’t do any feeding combos either, the Blood Reaver was doing all the feeding No biting on the neck for me! Tho I did get the projectile blood feeding from the chained wenches heh.

There where nice moves and good fluidity~ I think I'm really gonna enjoy the combat system in this game. It's got some great pluses on the SR2 combat system. Kudos to the team ne!

What I could hear of the dialogue was major sweetness! It's so refreshing to hear Simon Templeman all over again in Kain's role. Nice dialogue too....but I had to literally put my ear next to the speakers and look like an idiot to catch anything. So I didn't really get a lowdown on the sound FX.

The other thing was the glitches...with the crash meshes for example, but that's only really to be expected with a demo.

Overall, I was SO pleased and if that's the demo, I friggin' can't wait for the final game!

*goes around huggin CrystalD*

Well...I had much fun playing some cool games there. The one that got my attention had to be Resident Evil Outbreak.
Anyone who has a chance to get themselves up to London for the PS Experience, it's on till Sun at Earl's Court and costs £6 to get in ^^
For DEFIANCE...do it! LOL

Chibi J

+Legacy of Kain fanart+

28th Aug 2003, 23:39
I'm almost crying out of sheer blind jealousy! You are such a lucky Bast.

There are no demos here in Idaho. Now that they've shown people what's up they better release one.

Please Please Please Please release one. Just throw me a freaking bone here. I'm going crazy.

Thanks for all the details Bud. They are much much appreciated.

28th Aug 2003, 23:49
hahaha....I could be a bast, but then that would make me a guy, which I certainly am NOT!

I really hope that they do release a demo for all the hungry ppl out there. I was just lucky to be able to go to the PS Experience. In fact...the ONLY reason I went there was coz of the DEFIANCE demo!

I'm glad that you found my post helpful (^_^)

Chibi J

+Legacy of Kain fanart+

29th Aug 2003, 00:44
Interesting, it sounds like this one is a whole different set of areas than the E3 and German Games Convention demos.

Matt from Spam Buddies
29th Aug 2003, 08:34
Thanks for sharing.

- Matthew

29th Aug 2003, 11:19
You are such a lucky git chibijUK! ;)

Now that you've said that the anticipation for this game has increased so much! :D

I'd have loved to have gone, but I've been trying to get enrolment at college sorted out and I'm working this weekend... :(

Oh, and have you heard the latest news about Resident Evil Outbreak...? Apparently Europe may not receive the online mode, only the offline mode. I'm not very happy to say the least... :p

29th Aug 2003, 12:07
That sounds so cool!

And just thing, in a little over 24 hours, I'll be having the same playstation experiance (yes, pun intended) as you!

Isn't life great?!

Man I'm totally psyched!

29th Aug 2003, 17:07
Raz > I'm glad that my feedbacks made u more exciting! I was really excited when I got on that demo, it was SMOOOTH~~
Shame u can't make it, hope ur college enrollment goes well.

An offline only REOutbreak release!!? No! That's terrible...teamwork is the big part of that game. I hope it can be played over a LAN then. But i'll be in japan when it's released so hopefully I'll get some online fun.

Omega > ENJOY! Tell us what you think about it.

+Legacy of Kain fanart+

29th Aug 2003, 17:14
They were definitely new areas, check the first part of my report:


Are you sure you heard voice acting!? I put my head right near the monitor and didn't hear a damn thing! Damn music...

29th Aug 2003, 19:08
It sure makes me jealous when you guys get to play Defiance a lot earlier than the most of us.

But it isn't really that bad because you share your experience with us. Now we have a quite good image of what Defiance will become, thanks to your good reports which all make me drool more and more for this game... :D

Much appreciated! :)

29th Aug 2003, 20:26
I just watched Queen of the Damned again and I'm having a go-vampires-go-mood on... yay! :D

Okay, but that's just plain cool ChibiJ! Thanks for sharing!! I just could hope that this crappy Finland that I live in would have more these kind of conventions. We have only one (or two) big game-thingys in a year... And I cant't afford to go somewhere like UK or Germany... Damn...
AAARGH! I just can't wait for Defiance!!!!

Time Streamer
30th Aug 2003, 21:03
I liked it too. Kain's feeding looked great. If he was away from the victim he would suck the blood in BO1 style. If a Sarafan warrior got into a stunned state and Kain was next to him, Kain would grab the guy's neck with one hand to hold it and then sink his teeth into victims throat and then feeded. It looked great.

As chibi said, the game crashed few times (locked up) and some bugs were evident, like Kain could walk through some of the doors without nothing happening. Otherwise great.

When Kain jumped upwards, he would automatically grap a ledge when next to it, like Raziel.

I managed to get under the Sarafan Keep but then time ran out because there were other players behind and I had played long enough.

Overall, Kain felt like a powerful vampire, even against several Sarafan warriors.

With great anticipation, I'm awaiting this game.

And one last thing. There is finally a chance to skip the in-game sequences.

31st Aug 2003, 10:12
Preacher > Wow! that's a really cool in depth report! A very interesting read. And i'm really annoyed to see that you got alot more outta the demo than i did!

Yeah i did hear some voice acting, maybe it was quieter when i was there. I needed to hear stuff to move on in the game...
Like the bit with returning the shield and sword to that Sarafan Statue...

Darcketh > I'm glad that it gave you an idea!

Rhodon > That's OK! I hope that there is a convention where you can play the demo before it's released. If not, there's only a few months to go!

Time Streamer > Argh! I'm glad that you got to do the good old traditional feeding by bitting their necks! It was difficult to me to get the timming right for it, as there was no targeting for when the enemies where in their wavering state fit for feeding! Nice one.

Yeah...there was a really troublsome door that kain would NOT go through, meaning that I had to start again.

Hahahaha skipping the cinematics...I hear that!
But surely you wouldn't wanna do it first time round! Well yeah i understand with the demo

Time Streamer
31st Aug 2003, 13:45
And one other thing. I managed to die once. Kain dies in the way he changes into the bat form in BO1, he turns into several bats which fly away. Then the game continues from the last "checkpoint" so to speak.

31st Aug 2003, 14:21
Man! Defiance is going to own our arses!!!

It sooooo ruled!

Having said that, I do have a few comments I'd like to share.

Camera angles - Its too like CapCom and not enough third-person like we all know and love. I think one angle in the basement/cells/sewers actually hid where I was supposed to go (a bridge at the top hid a wall in the background I was supposed to climb).

Other than that, it was great! I got lost twice.

Once trying to actually find the Defiance stall... and again in the game. The level was absolutely huge! I also crashed the console I was on *grin*


The controls are weird, and will take some getting used to. R1 is to feed, X to jump blah blah blah. Circle is to use the telekinesis gift (much like that of Kain's in the SR1 ending/SR2 intro - when is says "Do you not feel, with all your heart, how we have become like Gods" and then pulls out pink streams of energy) it's just like that.

Some of the L1/2 buttons are also for that, and IIRC, the right analoge stick is to aim.

At the beginning... a cut-scene plays where Kain is sneaking around the City/Town/Village/Stronghold (but it doesn't look like the Sarafan Stronghold in SR2, at least, the parts I saw) he walks under a Gate too. To the left of him, there was a big barrel that you could break by attacking it.

Maybe they took a page from Primal book in the way that you could break items?

Auto-face is standard, although I'm beginning to get confused between the new Spliter Cell game, The Omega Strain or something... yeah, I am... IIRC autoface is normal.

Kain's glide gift is, as someone said before, the same of BO2... but it doesn't look cheesy at all! It still looks cool!

Now, probably the most important thing... the SELECT button!

If you hit it, it brings up what I've called "The Quest Menu". At the top, in the middle, there is a 'Current Quest' box, that will obviously contain the whole point of the 'chapter' or something... and just below that, theres a box for the 'Sub-Quest', again, it will obviously contain what your supposed to do in order to do the main Quest.

To the left, a box that goes almost to the bottom of the screen, and contains 'Weapons' IIRC. I can't remember, but Blood Reaver was in there, and it appeared to have spaces for more types of weapons... maybe CD read the thread and saw that some were dissapointed about the fact that Kain and Raziel have only the Reaver? Then again.. it could be something else, like an inventory and stuff.

If you select the Blood Reaver, it also appears as an icon in a box at the bottom. This box stretches out to the far right of the screen. There were five empty spaces in this box... so it looks like Kain has a total of 5 Reaver enhancements, unless they added a scroll option, either way, expect 5 ;)

I think thats it. I died and fell into the water in the Sewers/Cells/whatever. As Kain dies, he gets turned into many bats and flies off.

One major concern though - the loading time. It was quite a while loading from the main menu to the actual game. The loading screen was like SR2, but Kain sneaking round a black screen.

Oh! The main menu... Defiance art in the background - but when you click 'Start Game' it takes you to a screen where you can actually load etc. The thing is, the background for this is exactly the same as the SR2 one. With the save point. Don't have a problem with this, just thought you guys should know ;)

I'll be writing either this or a slightly more in-depth report on my site :)

31st Aug 2003, 14:27
absolutly brilliant im eating this up ,
please sir i want some more:rolleyes:

Matt from Spam Buddies
31st Aug 2003, 15:43
Thanks for sharing, Omega. :)

LOK-D sounds hot, but it seems that many are disappointed in the camera, yes?

I don't believe CD will be adding other weapons than the Reavers, though many fans are disappointed. If they start now, they'd have to rush (bad), but then again they might take some more time developing the game (good). :)

- Matthew

1st Sep 2003, 13:43
Man! I am soooo not happy!

In the free-goodie bad, we got a demo disk of supposedly every game that was on the show, playable or video.

But theres NO Defiance!

It's not fair dammit!

Thats the only thing that kept me going last night on the ride home.. but noooooooo. They have a video of MGS3 for gods sake, I didn't see that there.

Totally gutted :(

1st Sep 2003, 14:55
From the way the "Quest Menu" is structured, it looks like there will be a lot of things to do in this game. Maybe not as much as BO1, but it looks like a ton compared to SR2.:D

1st Sep 2003, 18:25
cheers for the info chibijUK! :cool:


Apocrypha Roxy
1st Sep 2003, 19:29