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28th Aug 2003, 21:09
Can anyone give me adivce on how to to challenges 1-C,2-A and 4-C i'm stuck hard on them ones

Also can anyone tell me the secret to getting fast times and not getting slaughtered??????????????

30th Aug 2003, 13:28
which challanges are those? i think that challanges 1 and 2 are the duckman and robofish ones. for the first duckman one get hold of the uzis 2x early on and just camp out in a small are i managed to get well over 100 and didnt die once by doing this. For the last robofish one you must get the assualt shot gun and as with the duckman one stay in oen place liek a little indent in a wall so u can shot them all as they will all come to you, also try not to die ;) if on the other hand 2c is the zombie on then get the shoot gun and just stay upstairs checkign your radar and dont try to shoot the ones downstairs wait til they get to you. 4c is the brick flung high which is one of the hardest in the game just keep trying so you have a good idea were the glass is also practice getting the brick just right.. ;)

30th Aug 2003, 17:18
1-C Dusk of the Dead
2-A Flock Around the Dock
4-C Brick Flung High

31st Aug 2003, 14:07
cheers, all:D
but i still cant do the ruddy things