View Full Version : can anyone help me?

28th Aug 2003, 14:07
i was wondering if anyone knew how to do the slide and jump move that the computers do.

28th Aug 2003, 14:53
:( unfortently you cannot do any of those move, but you can always watch any bot higher than 3 stars doing them (liek the bear ;)

28th Aug 2003, 14:55
y cant u do them. thats really unfair.

28th Aug 2003, 17:42
well they have no real point do they i think its funny to watch bots do rolls (and kill them) but dont go askign me why ask free radical lol;)

28th Aug 2003, 17:46
o well its just inoing cuz i like to go crazy with the minigun and the will slide under it. and it would be fun to do