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28th Aug 2003, 12:54
Well.. *ahem* .. luckily mine are mostly gameplay related.

- Spy's uniform doesn't match. I picked the uniform of a highranking officer, used it and it looked like the one of a regular soldier (although it did have the proper effect as I could command soldiers etc).

- Picked grenades from a box (using Thief). Gave them to GB. Then I decided to give them back to Thief again but couldn't. They just won't stick in his inventory. However, using Shift and dragging only one grenade worked. Eh?

- Using agressive mode (the one when commandos shoot automatically if enemy comes in their field of view) in interiors plain sucks as it doesn't work. I was slaughtered many times and commandos just won't shoot.

The rest of my bugs occured only in one specific area - passenger car with a few officers, guards and a dog.

- Mysteriously disappearing bodies. After I silently disposed of the first two guys, I shot and killed a guard near the doorway from a distance using a rifle. Then I quickly ran out. Only one dude followed me and that is the non-military one in a blue shirt. Easy prey. When I re-entered, the body of a dead soldier was gone and nobody was even on alert. I repeated that with the 2nd guard, exited and returned, almost simulataniously. Same effect - body's gone and no one seems to mind.

- Teleport??? Since I did previous thing with guards several times, there was an incident of me dbl. clicking on the door and being teleported into the next car as a result (w/o entering the area outside)

- Unkillable doberman. That's a funny one, actually. I figured I could take care the rest of the officers and a dog just using machinegun. So I positioned GB in a right spot, fired a shot so they all came running at me in a group and then fired a couple of salvos at them which was enough. All dead except the dog. It kept biting me but did no damage at all (?) and I couldn't target the damned creature. Exit and re-enter did the trick though. It was killable again.

Btw, this dog is weird in all aspects. He's sleeping, right? These ZzzsZZz coming from it. Then how the heck did it always keep blowing my Spy's cover. http://home.planet.nl/~xcom/forum/sm/weird.gif

That's all for now.

28th Aug 2003, 14:02
In the Game glitches forum there are also posts with bugs:


2nd Sep 2003, 02:06
aggressive mode does not work.
My guys are all set up on second floor of train. Enemy comes up and they just lie there in aggressive mode and don't shoot.

2nd Sep 2003, 02:39
What dog.. My demo has no dogs...
The only things I have seen was a couple of monkeys . I gav'em a couple of bananas and they didn't report me to the germans ! :-)
Boy ! this game needs lots of work LMAO

2nd Sep 2003, 03:58
LOL! nice one ;)
i have only experiance not shooting in attack mode! all other times it worked fine ;)

2nd Sep 2003, 10:29

Mr. Malice
5th Sep 2003, 00:31
after experiencing the same bug you did with the "officer" uniform, I tried using the black one, the SS guy in the car with the dog. The spy is displayed with the black SS officer suit, but not the green one. However, how do I command enemies whilst wearing it?

5th Sep 2003, 06:41
whilst distracting them two buttons should appear, one directs attention and one instructs subordinates to move

5th Sep 2003, 10:03
I had exactly the same problems/bugs as Xcom... :(

Samething with the spy and his uniforms... exept i didnt try to use the highranking officers uniform beqause it looked like a privets uniform.. so i used a Liutenants uniform instead...

Well that was a bit hard beqause the only thing i could do with
him was tell the Natzis to look in a different location. (that really sucked)

And allso the Agressive mode didnt work at all... relly angry at that one :mad:

If these similar bugs or other stupid programming come into Commandos 3 ill go bezerkers :mad:

6th Sep 2003, 04:18
damn you people :rolleyes:

Mr. Malice
6th Sep 2003, 20:25
did anyone else also notice that while the nazis can shoot down 2 train car lengths with the mp40, but the green beret and others can't shoot across the interior of a damn boxcar with the mp40. Same with the Kar, they can shoot as far as they want but we can only shoot 1.5 car lengths with it. WTF!!!

7th Sep 2003, 01:53
so that you would shot everyone blindly! if you remember in cbel you couldnt even shoot from end of dakr green range!

Mr. Malice
7th Sep 2003, 13:49
"so that you would shot everyone blindly!"
so we're supposed to shoot everyone blindly because we can't shoot far? but still, it doesn't make sense for a group of commandos to be unable to shoot as far as run o' the mill nazis with the same weapons.

7th Sep 2003, 17:16
well f they could shot people from that far or from, same disance why the hell bother using stealth. just shoot everything and thats it :)

thats why it is usefull to have lower shooting range. so you would use your brain to complete the level ;)

8th Sep 2003, 09:29
I experienced all of the bugs posted by Xcom plus one other.

While using the aggressive mode, using ladders was nearly impossible. They would carry out half the climb then stop, to get around this I would either have to click again on top of the cart or disable aggressive mode before climbing the ladder.

I am also very disappointed to see the driver missing from the team. :(