View Full Version : same bug in c3 as in c2

28th Aug 2003, 08:17
Im not sure if this is a bug or not.

- From playing the c3 demo i found you can exploit a glitch which was also present in c2.

When you make a commando lie down (or stand up) they take quiet a long time to do it.
- the glitch is that if when lying down (or standing up) if you click the left mouse button to make them move they complete the action (lying down or standing up) instantly. This can be realy useful to know since seconds can sometimes count.

29th Aug 2003, 03:57
:eek: wow.never knew about that! now me can break c2 notw record again!

30th Aug 2003, 10:32
also another cooler bug(dunno if it is in c3 demo) is when you click on a enemy soldier with the spy's syringe and when he has used it on that soldier you can just click on another soldier and he does the same to him with out needing to be close to him.

30th Aug 2003, 10:40
never new that one, thanks

30th Aug 2003, 15:36
yeah thorup. i remember that one in c2. never had a need for that though :)

30th Aug 2003, 20:12
its also possible to let them climb up and down a ladder faster. when the commando climbs up, just press RMB and the commando stands at the top of the ladder.