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27th Aug 2003, 11:32
enjoy :D :D :D :D


Link removed, demo is an unfinished version

27th Aug 2003, 14:09

links removed demo is an unfished version

27th Aug 2003, 15:48
Many thanks too the people who worked behind the scenes on this and made it possible that the demo is available:

Wenesh, for uploading the demo to Fistach's server, Fistach for providing the space, Sgt. Hawk for hosting the demo, David for uploading it to Gamershell, Gamershell for putting it on their servers and offcourse Pyro for creating this wonderfull game.

For those of you who may encounter problems with the demo, edit the comm3.cfg file in your Commandos 3 folder. Right click/properties/de-select reading only/ok open the file in notepad or so then change on the following line the 1 to 0:


thanks Snowden & 1shot

If you're still seeing a black screen but hear music do the following:

Right click on your desktop/properties/settings

then put the color depth to 16 bits instead of 24/32 bits or whatever your running

Now you should be able to run the game although it's a bit annoying that you can't play it full screen.

27th Aug 2003, 23:42
I can play in full screen, no problems there. :D

27th Aug 2003, 23:47
Got the demo - seems to work fine for me with no hassles what so ever so far (touch wood).

So, what do peeps think of it? I like it so far - Commandos has always been a fave of mine - it's nice to see it back. Right now I'm on the train demo level, but seem to be stuck with the marine on the back of the train near a gun turret - I guess I have to somehow climb onto the opposite roof and sneak up behind the guard, but for some reason I can't seem to climb onto the ladder. Any suggestions on how to do this, or should I try using one of the other characters? I guess I must be tired but this one has had me stumped for 3 hours now...I must be missing something obvious.

27th Aug 2003, 23:49
Originally posted by Tanis
I must be missing something obvious.

Dbl click on the next roof and he'll jump over. (and then you can climb down)

28th Aug 2003, 00:02
Ah - I was wondering about that - thanks. I did infact try using one of the other characters (I think by mistake) but he got killed almost as soon as he exited through a window. I guess I need to clear a few peeps from that roof before using anyone else - thanks though - can't wait for the full game.

28th Aug 2003, 01:07
am i the only one to find the new control scheme useless???

i mean its the most akward thing ever! at least if you where able to remap the keys or if it had C2's controls. and what happened to the hotkeys for all the actions?

in this state i hate to say it, but C3 is absoulte crap, give it C2's control scheme and i'm in love again.


28th Aug 2003, 03:03
Originally posted by demise88
and what happened to the hotkeys for all the actions?

I've been wondering the same thing myself. The seemed to have implemented previous/next weapon system. I don't like that much.
I sure hope that in the final game, there will be an option to remap keys and make shortcuts.

28th Aug 2003, 03:12
Hmm...I've been stuck on something now for a few hours. I've cleared the train from front to back...or so I thought. I then find that one of the cars towards the back of the train (the one right after the armour gun carriage the marine starts on I think) has a load of troops hidden in it that are released when I get rid of the final guys in the carriage next to them, and my guys get killed. How the heck do I get rid of them?! There seems to be WAY too many to shoot it out with...if one of your kind folks can help me out here, please do - it's now 4.10am here and I've a nasty feeling I won't be sleeping till I get this one finished. I eagerly await your replies of help (hint, hint...) :)

28th Aug 2003, 04:08
Ah, never mind - I've beaten that level now - took a little sly work, but it was kind of okay in the end. Yep, the controls aren't brilliant as they stand - the old way was simpler - let's hope this is either sorted out before it's full release or that they allow you to edit keys to suit your needs (now that would be useful...).

Am I right in thinking that there's only 1 level in this demo? That's a shame...maybe one more would have been good. I just hope this game is released on time for us - fingers crossed!

28th Aug 2003, 07:13
Originally posted by Tanis
Am I right in thinking that there's only 1 level in this demo? That's a shame...maybe one more would have been good. I just hope this game is released on time for us - fingers crossed!

I think you are right. :( :D

28th Aug 2003, 07:27
I agree with Tanis and Xcom the controls need to be fixed.
It's impossible to select a gun as fast with your mouse as you can pressing the hotkey. Hotkeys are much easier than a mouse imo. Now I must add that I absolutely love the indoor camera, the way you can move it in all directions http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif only it's a bit annoying that it's always zoomed in I like it better when it's zoomed out, nicer graphics :)

28th Aug 2003, 08:10
Tanis how did you do it?

The most effectice way i found was to station the green beret and the theif on top of the armoured car (where the green beret starts) and make them auto attack with machine guns. - as the nazis are running the wrong way when they come out they dont have a chance.

28th Aug 2003, 17:26
What I did was station the marine on top of the armoured car they come out of, and wait till they'd all run out. You know this has happened cos there's 2 officers that run out from it. Send in the marine and kill the remaining guard in there - there's a box of grenades in here - grab them - they will be useful. Then head outside.

Carefully check the cars as you move back up the train. On the flatbed car you'll find 4 guards laying down covering it's approach you the car you would normally exit from (if moving from the back of the train to the front) before getting onto it - lay on the roof and throw a grenade into the middle of the first 3 - then wait till the other one turns away and either knife or shoot him. Beyond that car are 2 others that have atleast 4-5 guards in each. I won't spoil it by saying exactly what you need to do but I will say this about the 2 cars: firstly, grenades aren't the solution to everything - a well placed fist to knock people out will let you sneak up and then kill the others (make sure you deal with anyone you knock out too though...). Secondly, one of the cars has guards looking towards both doors into it making it pretty hard to gain entry either way. If only there was another way to get into the car and make a 'sneaky' kill without allerting the rest...oh wait - there is! But that's for you to find out ;)

I think I'm going to have to use a screen shot prog and make a guide for this demo. Infact, I might even have to resurrect my old game guide site I was planning a while back...

28th Aug 2003, 19:25
The marine??

WHat version of the demo do you have? I downloaded the english version and the characters in it are the Green Beret, Spy, and thief. - DO you mean the GB?

Having completed the train mission a few times normaly i am now doing it again with using just one character and have nearly done it just with the GB........ well ive got to do something while im waiting for the main release:)

28th Aug 2003, 19:39
Ah - seems I may have confused you. Typically the Marine is associated with the Green Beret in the U.K. - sorry bout that.

Right - I'm off to start my game solution webpage - bring on the full release!

29th Aug 2003, 08:58
thought that is what you meant (im in the UK) Its just as there is a diver character too it confuses things

29th Aug 2003, 12:00
I did that quite easy. I worked my way forward (no shooting, only fist), but i kept the luitenant that triggers the soldiers to come out of the armored car alive. I took the grenades at the other armored car, went back and tossed 2 grens inside the car. bye bye reinforcments....

btw: the spy took an officer uniform, but when i put it on, it's like a soldiers uniform. It works normally, but it is confusing

and indeed, the controls are bad

30th Aug 2003, 07:10
First off, you can get the demo here:
It allows you to download without having to shut down your firewall,such as zone alarm .
Even with cable, it does take a while and I always feel naked when I am without protection.
Second. I LOVED the two first commandos, and was disapointed with the more high tech version of "men of courage:
I wish Eidos would give us great graphics such as this last one. and keep the simple but easy interface.(it made the game so nice to play.) And no go crasy with this rotation, zoom and what have you.
I know most of you will go nuts reading this, but hey! That's my opinion.
I only hope The guys at Thief and Deus ex don't go overboard
with the two sequels..
Anyway, have fun.
PS: what is it with the crazy face ? looks more like some crasy jungle game .....

31st Aug 2003, 08:16
I was very disappointed with the controls for C3 too, so I decided to have a look around in the data.pck file to see if I could find anything about hotkey settings.
I still haven't gotten around to learning Spanish and babelfish translations still aren't that great, but here is what I found.
(Oh, by the way, a lot of the stuff that I saw seemed to be just carried over from C2 and isn't supposed to be appearing in C3, such as stuff about Whiskey and Wilson, so what I found might not mean much.)

In the global.str file which provides string translations for globalisation, there are a couple of strings that say "keyboard control on" and "keyboard control off". To me, this seems like there's going to be a setting in the game which lets you change between control like in C2 with lots of hotkeys, or what we saw in the C3 demo where it's nearly all done with the mouse. (EDIT: I should have done this before posting, but I only thought of it just after, I checked in the C2 global.str file and those strings are in there too, so they probably don't mean anything).

There was a section in parglobal.dat which was to do with weighting of different sections for the merit at the end of the missions, and it did have a part for neutralising without shooting (someone mentioned this in one of the threads somewhere, might not have been this one), though I'd say this is most likely just one of the things carried over from C2 and won't actually be used in C3. There's also a lot of the same old stuff that was in C2 which you can change to make the game easier or harder for yourself with a bit of fiddling if you feel the need for it.

And a couple of other interesting comments I found in parglobal.dat:
#For the Cujos, that is to say, the Doberman... you knew that the Doberman de Hitler was called Cujo?
#If true, causes the appearance of all the japos is as if they were German. It is so that they do not get upset in the country of the rising sun.

That's about the only interesting stuff I've found so far, will keep looking later. For how to turn keyboard control on especially.

By the way, Gonzo Suarez left Pyro didn't he? That's probably one of the big factors in why C3 isn't living up to our expectations.

31st Aug 2003, 09:40
Does anybody know how to make the spy change his uniform?

31st Aug 2003, 18:21
As long as you have a uniform in your inventory you should be able to swap it by using the icon at the bottom of the screen nearest your backpack (right click it - you'll see options like the cigarette packet in there as well...) - select that. Then when you click on it you should swap into the enemy uniform. And should you so desire to you can swap back into your civvy clothes by using that same icon and selecting the clothes hanger.

I did notice one thing though - even when using an enemy officer's uniform I wasn't able to distract any enemy soldiers. With the previous games you were able to select an option to talk to them and make them look the other way - has anyone managed to do this?

31st Aug 2003, 20:42
Yes, there is a way to talk/distract the enemy. You are also able to tell the enemy where to look and in some cases where to move.


Select the "Pawn" icon and then click the enemy you wish to distract

After you begin talking you'll notice that your options at the bottom of the screen will change. Click on these new icons to tell your enemy where to look and if you're wearing a higher ranking officer uniform (General, Lieutenant, etc) you'll have the power to tell enemies where to move.



31st Aug 2003, 21:08
Thanks for the head's-up there - I did try and distract the enemy but it didn't seem to be working for some reason. I'll be doing a small guide to the level over the next day or so so I'll try this method then.

1st Sep 2003, 01:07
Hmm... it's strange that you're having problems with distracting...

But keep us posted on your walkthrough. It'll be interesting to see how you beat the level.

1st Sep 2003, 03:57
I will do - I plan on making a guide site to various games that myself and friends are playing right now - I'll hopefully set it up with a screen shot submission page too, for those helpful and entertaining moments. I would also like to get it working so others (i.e. peeps outside my group of friends) can submit their own guides to current games...would any of you lot be interested in submitting material? Maybe some hints and tips to help other gamers out there...

Now to see if I can track down my copy of the vbulletin forum...I lost it when I had to reformat my pc...grrr.....

1st Sep 2003, 18:55
I think Commandos 3 will be a good game..but right now it's just a " polished" (and I say " polished" with a reason: the German Soldiers have a weird looking head for example ) of Commandos 2...and some of the bugs/exploits are still in: If you put a Commando on auto-attack mode, " Aggresive mode" as it's called, when he's behind an object...he'll go spinning in weird ways and you'll get shot for sure. The exploit that you can just walk away when tieing people up also still works...the German soldier will tie himself up without your help...that's nice of him..ain't it?..furthermore: You look like a normal Wehrmacht soldier when you wear an officer's uniform, and there's still only destinction in the colour of uniforms you find not in the colour of the uniforms you actually wear ...thus the SS Officer Uniform may look black..but you'll just put on the normal one, but as Pyro states that you'll be able to wear both SS as Gestapo uniforms, I think it'll get fixed

I lay trust in Pyro as they have made 2 excellent games, 1 with an outstanding add-on (Ostriches avenge their dead by trampling tied up German Soldiers in the Zoo...quite fun) and as it's still possible for people like me to finish a level with fists and the syringe and distraction(not counting the camouflaged soldiers coming from the armoured wagon)

Fix the litle things that can make the game great..and let all your fans honour you for a great trilogy!