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27th Aug 2003, 03:48
How an u get gold for MEN IN GREY in an easy way bcs its sooooo hard :mad:

27th Aug 2003, 04:23
I thought you said you've got everything in the game :p

I dont think theres an easy way so you'll just have to keep trying I suppose.

Things that might help are:

1. on the way to the waterfall try to kill as few bots as you can (just shoot them once so they dont shoot you).

2. You dont have to blow up the barrels and computers in any order so do it the best way you know of.

3. Get the homing rocket launcher at the 1st floor of the outiside of your base cos it makes the comps a doddle to blow up.


Ab ^_^

PS: it would help if in the future you gave your topics meaningful names (instead of lol :p) and try to limit the topics (eg you posted a topic about you doing everything and this one when you could instead post both in one topic) so that it doesnt push other topics down the page.

28th Aug 2003, 02:04
Thanx for the help.
I did beat everything but i started oveer again but i forgot how to do it anwayz.... thanx!!:D