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27th Aug 2003, 00:03
From "Games Convention 2003 in Leipzig "

"Even for XBox standards the visuals seem a bit dated. That’s not to say character models don’t look good, but there is no real lip-synching to talk of, and animations are choppy. Plus, the first level’s drabness leaves a lingering memory of the warship-gray hallways in Halo, and with the exception of a few puffs of smoke no physics of note have been displayed. "

27th Aug 2003, 00:45
Game ain't out for a while. ;(

27th Aug 2003, 04:33
If this is to be believed, it means the game looks and runs worse than it did three months ago. I think there must have been something wrong with this version, and we shouldn't base our impressions on it.

27th Aug 2003, 07:01
I think this is probably a fairly early test version. Maybe an Alpha. If you remember back, Deus Ex had lip movement (not the best, but it had it), and considering how much beter other games have gotten in that area since then, I houve no doubts whatsoever that Iwar will as well. I'd be extremely surprised if this was not the case.

27th Aug 2003, 08:16
It really probably is an alpha version.

but think about this, on the pc, they have to worry about many many many configurations.

The x-box is only one configuration, what everyone uses will be the same, no different drivers, all the software has to take into account is as is, nothing unexpected.

If it runs like **** now, they are not that far in development to have begun the optimization process for sure, I say the x-box verison will not be seen any time soon within the next 2 months.

It would very well might be an old build they showed off... but I mean come on... who shows off an old build that's not optimized?...

The guy talks about what he's shown, and if what they show him is a game that doesn't run very well, how can you not expect him to say otherwise. ;(

27th Aug 2003, 08:31
I'm not blaming the journalist, but the fact remains that apparently the game looks and runs worse than it did at E3, which doesn't make sense. I can't imagine why this version was shown, but I really don't think it's representative of the final product, or even the current version of it.

27th Aug 2003, 08:35
That's the thing, we don't know if it's their latest build of the game.

And the fact that if it ran as bad as the guy says. Leaves us wondering how far they are in development for the x-box version.

Why invite bad publicity?...

28th Aug 2003, 00:04
- I doubt the writer meant there was no lip-synching at all, he said there was no "real" lip-synching, so I think he meant there was DX1-style lip-synching (with 3 lips positions...) instead of HL2-style lip-synching.

- I was never *that* impressed with DXIW's visuals myself. They're not bad, but the shadows are -way- too hard edged to be realistic for example. And just look at that glorious screenshot http://www.deusex.com/screens/xbox/fullsize/xbox_screen10.jpg ! Now that's what I call realistic snow ;) .

6th Sep 2003, 01:44
Obviously those aren't the final graphics, they're gonna get better in the months before the game is released. Take a look at some of the in-game screenshots for the PC or the movies at IGN.

6th Sep 2003, 06:57
We're in the last month before it comes out:p I mean if it comes out next month then they should have finished most of the new graphics, not just be starting them.

6th Sep 2003, 16:50
They probably aren't using the lastest build in such demo. For example, the HL2 stuff in magazines (April 2003 or so) was from september 2002. Maybe the E3 stuff to but I'm not so sure about that one.

7th Sep 2003, 08:28
Its interesting how much that report on the xbox version conflicts with the Gamespot report posted today.