View Full Version : Poll: fARmeR's bookies: Taking bets for Crystal Dynamics NOW

26th Aug 2003, 11:51
Ok, let's have a vote. Some people are saying "Crystal D' must die, they're going to kill Tomb Raider once and for all". Some people are saying "Let's give Crystal D' a chance, I predict good things to come for Tomb Raider".

So here's the deal: Go to the poll and place your bet, do you predict Crystal D' will elate or desecrate TR?

Me, I think there'll be a fair bit of difference BUT I predict the game overall will be high quality.

26th Aug 2003, 11:57
Aaaawww, sod it!
Bad grammar detected. Assume the poll question was "Will Crystal D' wreck Tomb Raider"

Then it makes some sense...

Leigh Croft
26th Aug 2003, 18:34
Wots wrong wiv the grammar? I understood it. That probably speaks volumes about me......

26th Aug 2003, 18:51
Your signature,


is too big.

And too lame. :p

26th Aug 2003, 22:26
If you want a sig that campaigns for something more useful, why not use this one instead.

27th Aug 2003, 12:18
I don't want a "usefull" signature, I just wanna speak my mind.

Is it REALLY too big? :(

Anyway, it wasn't so much a grammar problem, more of a dodgy question. The question was Will C'D' kill or save tomb raider. That kind of question requires a "kill" or "save" answer, "yes" and "no" can't answer the question.

Tomb Raider Fan
27th Aug 2003, 12:55
I cannot honestly expect wots going to happen to the next Tomb Raider. I havn't seen any screens of TR7 so i cannot say whether its gonna be good or bad..:rolleyes: Iam still going to buy the game if the screens don't look good. I've always bought the tomb Raider each year so iam not going to stop just because Crystal Dynamics have taken over.. But u never no it might be a different Tomb Raider all together..Lets wait n c until it comes out

28th Aug 2003, 09:36
i dont think the next TR game is going to be that much different from the previous games, in style anyway. but i would imagine the graphics and controls will differ. wether or not changes will be for the better or worse remains to be seen and only time will tell.

Leigh Croft
28th Aug 2003, 10:13
i agree with TR-AOD,I think the next game will be pretty much the same, but there will be a few noticeable differences, wether this will be for better or worse, well have to ait and see.

Lord Pomposity
30th Aug 2003, 02:24
It will be better than AoD.

On the same note, steam is warmer than ice.