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26th Aug 2003, 03:07
wouldnt it be cool, if the game continued straight after the end of the first game?

when u load up DX2 it could ask you what ending you picked from the last game and continue the story from there.

it could be like having 3 games in one. one storyline for each ending?

26th Aug 2003, 03:55
DX2 starts 15 years after the end of DX, and is based on an amalgam of the three endings in DX.

Not sure if you already knew that, your post didn't make it very clear.

26th Aug 2003, 07:14
oh, I'm sure he does, I mean he CAN'T have posted here without first having at LEAST read the titles of the other posts (can he?)

26th Aug 2003, 07:53
Its possible. I mean we've had, I think, 59 posts about the release date! :eek: Why should he be any different to them. He is new to the forum.

26th Aug 2003, 11:32
when I was young, newcomers took the time to read forums before asking questions. today, young people just have no patience. it's not like in these days,...

26th Aug 2003, 14:10
hay what about the forth ending? the ending was an never dancing forever till 15 years later:rolleyes:

26th Aug 2003, 14:26
Originally posted by agent008
hay what about the forth ending?

I can just see the screen now:
What ending did you choose?
1) Merge with Helios
2) Control Helios
3) Send the world into a Dark Age
4) Send the world into the Dance Age!

26th Aug 2003, 14:53

i choose the dancing age

Mission 1
Mission Objective
1- you will go to a club and buy a ladie a drink and dance with her

Mission 2
Mission Objective(s)
1- You will try to ask the boss wife in front of him if she would like to dance tonight

Secondary Bonus Objective
1- If you accomplish the first objective you can break into a mall and steal some suits and shoes for future missions. (Optional)

any body like these missions?

Deus (Seraph)
26th Aug 2003, 16:31
Continuing from the chosen ending would be nice for the game, but bad for us - because we would have to wait another 2-3 years for the game ;)
by the way: how do you send the world into the dance age :confused:
I have seen that ending only by inserting it into the training mission.

27th Aug 2003, 15:14
hmm to get into the dance age you must start the game and just dance your way to the end of the game without killing anyone and trying to make peace ha yea right:rolleyes:

if you are saying how to see the forth ending you must type it in the console thing or go to the game folder and load the forth move clip:cool:

27th Aug 2003, 23:19
console thing? could you be more specific? When I try to load it from the file it simply loads deus ex but doesn't show the movie :( do I need the multiplayer patch or something like that?

28th Aug 2003, 01:23
Originally posted by Le`Sauveur`De`Ces`Dames
when I was young, newcomers took the time to read forums before asking questions. today, young people just have no patience. it's not like in these days,...

lol, honestly im like that.

and i knew that the game takes place 15 years later, i was just saying.

it was just an idea, its one of those things that u just wake up one day and think of !

30th Aug 2003, 11:06
you want the 4th ending?
open user.ini in the system directory
put "Talk" after one of the empty key assignations (so you get something like "t=talk")
load the game
press t (or whatever letter you set talk to)
delete the word "say"
type "open 99_Endgame4.dx" (i think) without the quotes
that should be it