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26th Aug 2003, 02:36
Sorry if this has been posted before, it's new to me.


26th Aug 2003, 03:34
Hah, I knew it. I think it was an excellent choice, it really highlights the increased emphasis on action.

26th Aug 2003, 05:07
yeah, and to think of it that you could use both characters this time.(waits for the PC box screenshot)

Matt from Spam Buddies
26th Aug 2003, 09:31
Hm. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but actually it's quite cool. :)

It shows the rabidness and the fierceness of the game.

I myself was hoping for the picture where Raziel and Kain stood side-by-side in the red mist. That would've been cool, too.

Can't wait for the PS2 and PC version looks. :)

Thanks for sharing, mate.

- Matthew

26th Aug 2003, 15:31
For all we know, they might have pc, ps2, and x-box exclusive box-arts, but i`ll stick to that one, hopfully like wont do my idea couse i would like that art on the ps2 version. :p

Apocrypha Roxy
27th Aug 2003, 00:47

Isn't it beautiful??? ;)

Umah Bloodomen
27th Aug 2003, 01:45
Reminds me of comic book art. :D

29th Aug 2003, 14:58

Matt from Spam Buddies
29th Aug 2003, 17:48
Originally posted by Azazel


- Matthew

Apocrypha Roxy
29th Aug 2003, 20:38
Weeeeellllllll.... if they did do the individual box arts... then I'd like the pic that shows Raz & Kain back to back, like the display at the GGC where Goran and Catsuit went.

Not too wild about Raz & Kain about to whack each other, either.

And if that is the case (individual box art), then I'll have to get an X-Box. Because I'm definately getting it for PS2 and PC. My sister demands it. Henpecking at its finest. :p

Matt from Spam Buddies
29th Aug 2003, 21:26

I do hope that thing is just quickly made by the site you took it from, or something. The picture doesn't suit for box-art design at all. The Reavers can't even be seen, although there are two of them. Not only that, I think it's too simplistic.
I'd personally go for the back-to-back-in-red-foggy-mist picture or the rabid-slaughter-fest one.

- Matthew

29th Aug 2003, 21:46
Obviously it's a temporary image. I'm sure the covers haven't even been printed yet.

30th Aug 2003, 01:32
Lol, this is so obviously a fake. I can tell you a lot of reasons, but these are a few of them: The word "Defiance" isn't on the box, I saw this picture on a fansite somewhere (they would never use a picture all the people already know) and there isn't a "CRYSTAL DYNAMICS" icon on the box (it's there on all the other LoK games).... :rolleyes:

Matt from Spam Buddies
30th Aug 2003, 06:12
Actually, the word "Defiance" is there, but yeah, it's naturally a "fake".

- Matthew

30th Aug 2003, 07:12
Oh, I LOVE that first one!:D I'd proudly display that in my game collection. It's beautiful and very well shows off an epic feel.

But that second one has to be a joke! It doesn't show the whole picture. It misrepresents that Raziel and Kain are enemies. They're not! They're reluctant allies.

30th Aug 2003, 10:25
Heh. Looks like I'm going to have to wrap THAT one up in brown paper when I buy it. Wouldn't want the 'rents to get the wrong idea about their beloved little girl. :D

Seriously though, it's a really nice pic. Not what I would have done, but still really nice. They look so sweet and maladjusted.

30th Aug 2003, 13:56
Look carefully, in small red letters, Defiance is there. I can understand how you might miss it though but it is there!

30th Aug 2003, 14:33
Black cover with lok defiance just like the 1 at the end of the E3 trailer with the cool music, would suit me fine

30th Aug 2003, 14:35
I think it is fake, but if so I wonder why there isn't a picture of the Xbox version on the site (http://gamershell.pricegrabber.com/search_gen.php//topcat_id=3/topcat_search=1/form_keyword=Defiance/Search.x=47/Search.y=8/ut=51448dfe5e83ecf0) from which I took the picture.

Apocrypha Roxy
30th Aug 2003, 20:12
Maybe we should actually wait to see the final cover.

Be 'shocked and awed'. It might be radically different.

They're all nice (except that last one), but I'd expect a more dramatic, less gruesome kind of cover. Sure, in highlights the badass-ness of it all, but I'd like to see something else.

I dunno. -shrug-

Apocrypha Roxy
31st Aug 2003, 20:28
Kain = easy,breezy, beautiful Cover Girl.


31st Aug 2003, 20:40
Meh.. whatever. I would have been content with something more along the lines of the SR1 cover art. But who really cares about box art?

Ok.. I do :( (and I smell my games too)

Matt from Spam Buddies
31st Aug 2003, 20:49

- Matthew

31st Aug 2003, 21:07
ah, the wonders of botox.

3rd Sep 2003, 20:16

3rd Sep 2003, 21:40
These Packshots are on the official Games Convention CD. :rolleyes: