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25th Aug 2003, 14:30
This item will be released on December 2, 2003. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

25th Aug 2003, 15:04
at least 4 other threads on this subject, at least 15 other confirmed and different drelease date, and

STILL NOTHING IN THE OFFICIAL THREAD (you know, the thread with "release date - the official word")

so if even the official don't know, I think it's safe to assure nobody else knows.
all amazon has is an estimated release date, and I odn't think anybody knows on what element they based their estimation

(I might be hopeful and naive, and optimistic, but I tend to consider that Eidos and/or Ion Storm would tell US the release date by posting on this forum (estimated time : 20 seconds)before they tell to reselling companies (estimated time : longer, since it's more official)

25th Aug 2003, 15:12
All of these companies are talking out of thier collective a**es.

In May, EB Games had June 15th for the release date, it now has october some time.

What makes you think the amazon guess is anything more than wild spectulation used in the hope of preselling more copies?

25th Aug 2003, 17:07
The only word on release dates which counts for anything comes from Eidos.

All future threads about release dates will be deleted without comment.