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25th Aug 2003, 13:59
Why is Vorador alive in BO2? BO2 happens 200 years after BO1. BO1 happens 30 years after the first time era in SR2. The second time era in SR2 is 100 years after that (130 years before BO2), and Vorador is dead.

What happened to change Vorador's fate at the hands of Moebius?

Will this altered timeline stuff get explained in Defiance?


25th Aug 2003, 14:28
maybe we will find out in the events of Defiance i.e Raz kills moebius before he strts the gencidal war against the Vampires or simply could be that Vorador didnt die and let the cattle believe that he did and since then has been in hiding or left the Lands of Nosgoth we all frequent and because time was changed perhaps Vory decided he needed to come out of hiding to stop the Hylden ,dunno but it could happen/ed

25th Aug 2003, 14:48
Thats the great thing about the LOK series- anything can, and usually does happen, and then changes, and happens again... only differently. ;)

25th Aug 2003, 15:16
Vorador is alive because of the events in SR2.

~yours in blood~

25th Aug 2003, 15:37
He is alive because something happened after Bo1 that None of us are aware of.

Someone resurected him maybe Kain or maybe Moebius didn`t know that Vorador could grow his head back.

I my opinion Sr2 has nothing to do with Vorador being alive.

Matt from Spam Buddies
25th Aug 2003, 17:15
Originally posted by xarax
Will this altered timeline stuff get explained in Defiance?

Why won't we find out in November? ;)

- Matthew

25th Aug 2003, 17:34
Voradors head grew back, afterall, he is kinda lizard like, he has no tail so his head can regenaerate instead:p

30th Aug 2003, 12:02
Maybe they manage to undo Williams assassination. I think Kain was just making excuses as to why he didn't sacrifice himself and would have refused the sacrifice anyway. The Kain from SR1, 2 and Defiance wouldn't care aout the Nemesis who would die of old age before even becoming a threat to Kains empire. However if Kain did undo his assasination of William, then maybe the BO2 Sarafan were the decendants of the Leigons of the Nemesis.

30th Aug 2003, 13:38
It was to do with Raziel surviving going into the reaver at the end of SR2 I think.

Part of the hylden trap.