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24th Aug 2003, 21:36
The Electronic Gaming Monthly top 30 games of fall just came out. And Defiance was right there @ #30. With a couple new pics.

Coming in at #3 was Castlevania. And #1 was Socom II. This game is obviously going to rock and people are finally starting to see it.

It sounds like it is definately coming out in November though.

24th Aug 2003, 21:42
only 30?

erm... what is socom 2? I don't even know what socom is.....

24th Aug 2003, 21:47
Have you ever heard of SOCOM navy seals? The coolest online game ever? The sequel to it coming out this fall is supposed to be pretty wild.

Hey there's an idea. Have Defiance go online :p

You never know, it could work.

25th Aug 2003, 00:00
I hate online games.

25th Aug 2003, 02:44
I hate online PS2 games.

However, I love playing online PC games with my friends :-)

Still, how is Castlevania that high on the list, and Defiance the last one? If anything, you'd think that the two games would be closer together. (they both look really similar). I guess there's more Castlevania fans.

Apocrypha Roxy
25th Aug 2003, 03:33
I have never played online.

I have no intention to.

I'm up against ME, and nobody else.

And, can you imagine a bunch of little Raziels and Kains running around, hacking each other up? Pshaw! :mad: :p

25th Aug 2003, 04:08
I'm up against ME, and nobody else.

Online play isn't always competitive. There some games I enjoy playing cooperatively, especially if I can arrange it with people I know.

To back to the topic, I'm not surprised Defiance is so far down on EGM's list. Most of their reviews for LoK games were hardly flattering. The only one that got a good reivew from them was BO2 - ironically, the least favorite of most members of this forum.

Oh well. At least Defiance made the list. :cool:

25th Aug 2003, 04:37
I hate cooperative play too! =P.

25th Aug 2003, 10:04
I'm anti online gaming simply because I'm a student and can only afford a 56K connection.

Socom online? Nah. Didn't know that. Doesn't sound like my thing anyway.

25th Aug 2003, 13:57
OK here's EGM's top 30

30.DEFIANCE (#1 in my opinion)
29.Project Gotham Racing
28.Tony Hawk's Underground
26.Freedom Fighters
25The Sims Bustin' Out
24Boktai: the sun is in your hands
23.Viewtiful Joe
22.Beyond Good and Evil
21.Need for speed underground
20.SSX 3
19.Metal Gear Solid: The twin snakes
18.Medal of honor: Rosing Sun
17.Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Mario Advance 4
16.Ratchet and Cland: Going Commando
15.Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
14.Champions of Norrath
13.007: Everything or nothing
12.Deus EX: invisible war
11.Jak II
9.Tom Clancey's Rainbow Six 3
8.Final Fantasy X-2
7.Star Wars: Rogue squadron 3, Rebel Strike
6.Prince of persia: sands of time
5.Mario Kart: double dash
4.TLOTR: Return of the King
3.Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
2.Ninja Gaiden
1.SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals II

So there you have it :cool:

25th Aug 2003, 14:03
All worthy. The actual ordinal numbering will be determined by sales. I think Thief3 should be on the list.

25th Aug 2003, 14:49
30! It should be #1!!!!!

PS- I don't care for online play either. I prefer solitary gaming. That way, I'm not embarrassed when I get killed for the thousandth time. ( I usually have to cheat to get through timed events in gameplay anyway :( )

Matt from Spam Buddies
25th Aug 2003, 17:20
30th... last place...


- Matthew

25th Aug 2003, 17:30
Its got new pics? What are they like?

25th Aug 2003, 17:32
O man 30! who are they kidding, there are so many games on that list thare bah:p Im to tired to list them all but im sure you gusy can pick out all of them.

25th Aug 2003, 17:50
oh man... FInal Fantasy Tactics Advance!


25th Aug 2003, 18:31
Wow, I am totally *not* looking forward to most of the games on that list. Whatever, though. At least they included Defiance.

25th Aug 2003, 20:32
Originally posted by Stukedogg
Have you ever heard of SOCOM navy seals? The coolest online game ever?

I wouldn't go that far. It was alright but i found it got boring fast, and the voice communication was horrible! I have played many other online games I prefer. But everyone likes something else so please don't take this as a personal attack lol (I hate when people argue about which is better cause you never get anywhere).

25th Aug 2003, 21:01
How could they possibly put Super Mario Bros. 3 on top of Defiance?! It's just a port of a game that's like, almost 20 years old. EGM should die in a pile of stinking muck.

Matt from Spam Buddies
25th Aug 2003, 21:33
Hm. I myself find only four games which could be infront of LOK-D (actually not even that, LOK-D should be on the first place ;)). I can't possibly imagine how they managed to place those left-over 25 pieces of rubbish infront of LOK-D...

- Matthew

26th Aug 2003, 00:54
There are only several games on that list that I want.

1 - Defiance (naturally)
2 - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (this game looks a lot like Defiance in so many ways it's not even funny. Err...actually it looks a lot like Devil May Cry, but you know what I mean)
3 - Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (this game looks incredibly fun if you've seen the footage)
4 - Beyond Good and Evil (this game looks like a movie, and a really cool original concept)

There are other games I'm looking forward to, but they aren't on that list. I'm actually pretty surprised that Defiance is at the bottom. I would have at least imagined it to be around number 12 or so.... Well, I guess I'm glad it made the list =)