View Full Version : Should the AOD trilogy be continued/finished ?

24th Aug 2003, 15:45
Do u think that the AOD trilogy should be finished (as originally planned) instead of leaving us on a cliff hanger after Angel of Darkness ?

24th Aug 2003, 15:48
Okay, it would be nice not to have two polls about basically the same thing....

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24th Aug 2003, 16:14
Hey, lets be nice now....... ;)

24th Aug 2003, 16:20
My sincerest apologies


25th Aug 2003, 00:28
Yes!!!!!! I want the rest of the trilogy - well part 2 at least - that way I can weigh Crystal Dynamics up and see if they satisfy my very high standards for Lara!!! :p

Kurtis Trent
25th Aug 2003, 01:57
I would like to see at least what happens to Kurtis. :) :D

26th Aug 2003, 03:24
Tie up the loose ends, then go back to independent installments. I hate the darker direction of AOD and the prospect of having an entire game set underground in Turkey sounds even more boring than TR4 being set entirely in Egypt.

3rd Sep 2003, 03:39
God no, I want my old Lara back.

17th Sep 2003, 20:03
I want Lara's name to be cleared and see what the deal is with her and Kurtis is. Tie up loose ends as someone else said.

Marcus T
17th Sep 2003, 21:05
I agree with thanhkim.

7th Oct 2003, 21:38
Well, i want so see what is going to happen, I played the first and i want to play the rest, because i don't like to see histories incompleted. :)

8th Oct 2003, 21:46
As the old saying goes, 'don't start what you can't finish', and the same goes here! Also I wanna see Karel again, if he survived. Oh, I don't believe it, I'm actually a fangirl....:o

14th Oct 2003, 04:24
Hate to say this but if the next TR game is as lousy as the last 2 were, its doubtful there would be a TR8.

14th Oct 2003, 04:42
I don't care who finishes the trilogy, just as long as they do a good job on it and we get filled in on all of the plot holes that Core left for us....

14th Oct 2003, 15:21
Yes, let's finish the trilogy. OK, I won't break into tears if they cancel the third game, but I'm definitely interested in playing the second episode.