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23rd Aug 2003, 19:58
Hi there folks. :D I'm still trying to figure out who made these two outfits:

Black And Red Suit

Sexy Suit

And I am still trying to find someone who has these outfits:
Danny.K: Jeans 1 (I'm not sure if this one was ever released, as it was released with a "broken link" note); Improved AOD
Moose562: Lara Combat; Night Club Attack; Siberia
Shirl123: Young Lara Black And Blue

I am also designing a website which will host ALL outfits I have (over 400). One interesting point is that, each of these 400 is kinda unique. Here is a pic. I can't tell you when it will be launched, but I expect it to be up before the end of the year (there are loads of work to be done yet...).

(couldn't get a good conversion, but the colors are nicer in a non-web format)

Hope you like it and can help me. And if you have new outfits let me know ;)

23rd Aug 2003, 20:15
WOW, were can i download the outfits. (Outfit Mania)
can you give me the link to the site=
the sexy suit is cool ;)

23rd Aug 2003, 21:43
The site itself is not ready yet ;)
But give me two or three weeks and the part of it will be up :)

24th Aug 2003, 22:27
Just thought I'd tell you all that you can get Danny's latest outfits from here: http://treeble.larashome.co.uk/temp/dannyk.htm

Just a small page while Outfitmania is not ready ;)

Blind Intentions
25th Aug 2003, 15:51
Oooo awesome! Thanks for getting them all together :)