View Full Version : Robofish Pictures

23rd Aug 2003, 17:21
Anyone have or know a place with Robofish Pictures?

I haven't been able to find any, and it really makes creating a Signature much harder...

23rd Aug 2003, 20:24
if you type on google timesplitters its bound to have a pic of robofish eventualy, thats how i found the pic of the bear.

23rd Aug 2003, 20:38
ok i looked in all 20 pages of timesplitters images under google and i didnt find 1 robofish one so mabey u could try scannign a pic or somthing.??

23rd Aug 2003, 20:46
I've looked at over 70 pages of TimeSplitters images and haven't found a single Robofish picture. So, I tried posting here.

2nd Sep 2003, 13:49
I couldn't find any Robofish pictures, so I've made something in Photoshop for my signature.

Thanks anyway the_internet_king :)