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Shadow Creepr
23rd Aug 2003, 12:12
Happy 40th Birthday, howie!

Hope it was a great day for you! :D

Sorry it's belated. I didn't visit the forum on the 22nd.

23rd Aug 2003, 13:14
Happy Birthday, Howie! :)

23rd Aug 2003, 19:30
You are- quite a bit. Happy Birthday Belated Like!

23rd Aug 2003, 22:14
40; the year that permanent rot starts setting in. :D

Happy birthday !

24th Aug 2003, 04:05
Location: The wrong side of the tracks.
Heya! Thanks!
Don't feel bad, I wasn't on-line on the 22th either. My day wasn't very adventuresome. I went to work, came home, then went to the store for food. Oh BOy, what a birthday! However, I have made camping reservation at Virginia Beach next month so I am going to have some fun then. Sun, boogie boarding, a few beers, fishing, rest and relaxation. If anyone is nearby at the time you are welcome to drop in for a visit. You can e-male me if you want.


Ring......ring......ring...hello ? Yeah I'm awake. ....thump.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


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Thanks everyone. :)

24th Aug 2003, 12:35
Happy Belated Birthday Howie.

The BIG 40! Just remember, 40 isn't old....for a tree! bwaahaaa....snort....hahaha.....ehhem.....littlek composes herself.

Hope your camping trip goes well. What will you be fishing for?

24th Aug 2003, 16:47
Howie looks around, screw this damn fishing pole, I aint' getting no bites. Hhhmm, look over there, I see a bar, I know what else I can go fishin for :p

Happy Birthday Howie!

25th Aug 2003, 00:11
< holy mackeral >hmmmmm......stroll into a bar to see what latches onto my pole, then take it home for good ole home cook'in ? What kind of fish to do they have in those Virginia Beach bars anyway ? < /arm the torpedos > :D

29th Aug 2003, 01:48

Many happy returns on your special day!



31st Aug 2003, 16:31
Hope you had a great birthday Howie. :)

31st Aug 2003, 20:12
Happy Birthday Howie,
So ya made it to 40! Well the good news is that it's all downhill from here.............................................or is that the bad news?

Best wishes! :D

3rd Sep 2003, 02:29
I never understood that saying, Sneak. I only say this because going down hill is easy but it's going up that is the most difficult -- could be that I'm just the stupid one but I'll never admit it :D. Regardless, thanks for the B-day wishes Sneak, Gumdrop, and Hawklette. :)

3rd Sep 2003, 04:14
Originally posted by BrokenArts
Howie looks around, screw this damn fishing pole, I aint' getting no bites. Hhhmm, look over there, I see a bar, I know what else I can go fishin for :p

Happy Birthday Howie!

Poles? We ain't got no poles. We don't need no poles. We don't have to show you any stinking poles!


Weee!! I'm up too late! :D

3rd Sep 2003, 04:16
Oh yeah /looks sheepish/ Happy Birthday Howie!!

3rd Sep 2003, 21:53
hehehe...yeah, G-Man, we use to quote that badges movie saying at work a lot. I forget the movie title, but those Hispanic bandits new they were screwed when they were ask to see those stinking badges. :D

littlek, I must not have read your post very carefully since I missed the fishing expedition request. The last time I was at Virginia Beach I fished for what ever was biting at the moment and ended up with a variety of fish in my creel. I heard at the time that the flounder was a good eating fish but had no idea on how to prepare the fish for eating. I ended up give it to someone else since the knife didn't know were to make the cut. I've since learned the art of the knife and am all prepared to do it.

Here's the fish:


I also fished for blue crabs last time so I hope I can make them an item on the fire ring menu as well.

I was hoping someone would stop in for a visit during my stay but no one has replyed to the post so I guess I'm going it alone. My sister and Mom are worried about me going alone without a care about 2 or more people I could drag along with me if I wanted. The camping site will hold up to 6 people with showers, kitchen sinks, and real toilets thrown in for good measure. It's a lot cheaper than the motels and much more fun with a campfire blazing on a warm summers night. Personally, I never understood the comfort of a motel when the call of nature holds so much more delight in it's bosom -- must be a nature boy farmer type thing (?). Some people say that comfort and their age has something to do with it, but I'm not buying it because the blow up air mattress seems to take the comfort limit to new heights. I have an extra tent and air mattress for those who are willing to face a warm late summers night sleeping under the stars.

3rd Sep 2003, 22:07
If I had transportation and a life I'd go with ya, Howie. lol

I love to camp, but camping don't love me. I used to go camping all the time, but now I have to do it alone because I've earned a reputation for being bad luck. Everytime (no exaggeration here) I went camping with my friends it would rain - they used to tease me about it all the time, then they just got sick of it. The funny part is that if I camp alone - it is absolutely beautiful outside.

3rd Sep 2003, 22:42
Howie, you know if any of us could, we'd be there, except we'd have to leave Caradavin home (hehe). It sounds soooo nice as I have never camped on a beach before. I love to camp but I usually go with my horses or with a boat but I have done shore line lunches fishing in Canada. I have caught flounder fishing in the gulf though. I too didn't know how to cook it so I let it go. That night I went to a local restaurant and ordered flounder. They broiled the entire fish with the meaty part (dorsal) scored. Seasoned with their secret seasoning and it was really good. Give us all the details when you get back.

4th Sep 2003, 00:10
I'll let you know how I do. Hopefully the weather will hold out, and I won't get much hay soaking rain to my story. Pictures will be provided too -- with a little of natures desired charm to go with it. And of course, the trip will be memorable no matter what happens.

*Note to littlek : Been to Canada myself without horses. T'was fun in the bush of that wooded wonderland.


howie :)

4th Sep 2003, 00:36
LMAO!!! :D

I have often thaught that, if I were a fish, I would be a Mustard Gas Double-Tail, but "Flounder" seems to hit an all together more intimate note! :o :D