View Full Version : Last challenge mode need a gold any help?

23rd Aug 2003, 07:39
the level i'm talking about is the one where you have to kill the monkys. youre on the dam with a minigun.

i know this level needs mostly skill and luck but i really need a gold and then i'll have 100% the game. this stupid but cool and annoying level is HOLDING ME BACK

any sugestions

23rd Aug 2003, 09:18
well i recently got a gold by standing to the left of the dam and just kept firing in burt at the monkys that came (i managed to get quite a few good monkey combos) also dont go after a monkey that gets past ur gun fire it will only mean u lose more points.

27th Aug 2003, 10:37
thanks i still cant pass it highest is 7620 (soo close to 100%) i'm sick of it

27th Aug 2003, 16:07
you dont get anythign extra for getting gold anyway so there isnt that big apoint (inless u want lots of golds ;)) so keep trying i only managed to do this after about 30 attepts if you can get 6000 with 40 seconds remainign then u will probebly complete it, but some attepts i had 6000+ and other attempts i had less than 3000 so keep trying it will come to you eventuallly ;)

28th Aug 2003, 07:26
yeah i will, i wont let that 100% sing beat me

28th Aug 2003, 07:27
i mean sign

28th Aug 2003, 08:33
Y'know... there's a nifty button down on the botton right called "Edit" :D



28th Aug 2003, 11:55
KC, what happened to the sticky 'rules' topic? :confused:

28th Aug 2003, 15:27
Originally posted by AB-109
KC, what happened to the sticky 'rules' topic? :confused:

There were two there.. Only one now, by Grey Mouser... The one called "Reminder for slow learners" ;)

30th Aug 2003, 09:54
thanks for evrything, i PASSED IT! :p

YEAH 100%

1st Sep 2003, 14:48
concratulations ;)

I had everything gold before I started the hard mode. It is a pretty hard chalenge but jou just have to practice. and use auto aim and do NOT use the crosshair.

2nd Sep 2003, 09:23
yeah, i dont know how im gunna get platnium