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23rd Aug 2003, 07:06
Check out my LOK Plot Guide on www.gamefaqs.com

It's on every LOK game (except Defiance) on every system.

BTW, on GameFAQs, I'm known as LOKFanatic. That name was already taken on this forum.

23rd Aug 2003, 10:32
It's very nice, but there are some mistakes:

You write:
5000 years later, the Balance Guardian, Ariel is murdered by an unseen
in the part of BO1. But I thought it were 500 years.

You write:
3. The Dark Entity (also known as the Dark Entity and Hash'ak'gik) is dead.
In the conclusions for BO1.
Shouldn't that be:
3. The Dark Entity (also known as the Unspoken and Hash'ak'gik) is dead. ?

24th Aug 2003, 07:06
Thanks for telling me about 'Dark Entity (Also known as Dark Entity) *Slaps head* Sorry I was up late at night doing this.

If you read later in the plot guide you would have noticed that I wrote in the SR2 observations

'16. The time between Vorador's attack on the Circle and Blood Omen has been changed from 5000 years to 500 years by Crystal Dynamics. Probably because it was more feasible that the Sarafan corpses didn't rot away by the time Kain resurrects them.'