View Full Version : How much have you completed?

23rd Aug 2003, 07:05
i just want to know how everyone else is going on ts2

i've passed 99.7%

1 day 23 h
about 400 miles
around 120,000 bullets
31% accuracy
20% story mode succes rate

0 bronze 1 silver 39 gold 26 plats

37 arcade awards

there the main ones

23rd Aug 2003, 09:28
i have played for 2 days 21 hours (lol)
over 900 arcade games (nearly the only reason i play ts is for the multiplayer)
about 400000 bullets fired
27% accracy
49 percent story succses (i hate story mode)
44 arcade awards
Thats all i can remember my favirote arcade charactor is the bear

23rd Aug 2003, 11:36
I've done everythin and got all the plats but I dont remember my stats.

Ab ^_^

27th Aug 2003, 10:35
ha i'm still on 99.7% i hate that silver

how long did it take you to get all the plats?

i'm up to atom smasher on 2 player co-op HARD i hate the end(flickin the switches) we get killed too quick

27th Aug 2003, 16:17
wouldnt completign ahard story level give u more percent complete than liek .1%complete for stats? coz thers liek 4 levels after atom smasher and i think u would get more than like .2% for doing them all (i havent even completed siberia on hard so dont complain if im wrong lol)

28th Aug 2003, 07:23
yeah, i think for the whole story mode on hard you only get like 20% or something, you should get more

1st Sep 2003, 07:49
if you have everything on gold or plat. and you only have to finish the hardmode you'll have about 87,? %

I've started with a second profile and i'am now at 90.2% if i'm right. with my first profile I got 100% :P

I'm now at notre dam on hard damn I hate that level. the last part on the roof sucks. I only played it 2 or 3 times with my new profile :P. my favorite level is wild west. i completed that one a while ago on hard just for fun becaus I like the level ;)

2nd Sep 2003, 09:26
yeah, how many plats do u have? i need 20 more

2nd Sep 2003, 09:34
with my first profile I have 33 plat and with my second profile 24. but I have got some new platinum with my second profile that I didn't have with my first. damn I hate that bannana **** <_< I got plat but not in 1 time I thought jou warn't allowed to go back to the menu. but I was wrong so I can only get 65 plat :(

Dr. Tripper
6th Sep 2003, 16:10
I've got like 55 or so plats. I'm not sure whether I can get many more. can't stand virus levels, so I've only got one from them.
can't get better than 1min 23 for that first elimination. Can't eat the bananas quick enough. Can't infiltrate siberia in less than 55 secs. get a bit bored shooting flaming zombies (I never thought I'd say that!). hopefully ill get lucky somehow.
100% completed story on hard.

10th Sep 2003, 10:17
if finally past 100% trying to get all plats. 2 to go. last challenge and top shot hate em both

10th Sep 2003, 12:48
I'll check...