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Leigh Croft
22nd Aug 2003, 23:03
Well, Freeserve have a link on their website, the title of the article is centered around who would play the Role of Lara if Angelina 'hung up her guns' Click on the link and you will find a drop down list with people who they think couls fit the role, all I can say is that they have some POOR choices! :rolleyes:



23rd Aug 2003, 00:01

Seems like there more into destroying TR rather then exploring the use of CGI.

well time for a cup of Tea


25th Aug 2003, 02:09
OMG I can't beleive that they put Brittney bloody spews in there, the rest of them are no better.
No angie no more 'real life' Lara films, least she has the attitude to pull it off and sort of looks like Lara, those other suggestion are just blahghhgh. CGI looks like a better option.

25th Aug 2003, 02:21
I can't believe I'm actually replying to this, but here goes:

Jodi whats-her-face: If Lara was a 21 year old stripper, maybe.

Beyonce - Looks NOTHING like Lara, and Beyonce's voice didn't work on any of the soundtracks she did before, so it wouldn't work on this.

Nell - Maybe. Only if she could act and do all her own stunts.

Lucy Clarkson belongs in a Playboy Centerfold, showing her bum for the cameras like that.

Rhona - too wannabe

Britney - are you high? Seriously, she can't even do pepsi commercials!

Nona and Lisa - both look nothing like Lara.

I can't believe this was actually posted. AJ won't retire and we all know it.

25th Aug 2003, 03:16
AS I've said before - I like Bobbie...