View Full Version : who is in your miltary for arcade custum whats your battle tacktics?!

22nd Aug 2003, 17:58
I also would like to know what is your head quaters( your fave arcade map) Me? The shadow realms worriers. Lt Shade, sgt ou well the dark one, cyber fariy (the medic), And I belive there's a dark soilder called capt night if I had him he'd be in it replaceing him is jimmy needles or trooper grey. And I will always be Riot officer, (it really is shadow realm officer. they couldndt fit it.) MY favorite map is ufoipa! It is Shadow International! Well for me it is. Even thought its not dark who gives. My battle tacktics are to leave the team and try to sneak up on them and blast them in the leg so the hop on one foot while I shoot there head and ass away! Or follow the group and attack the weakest and lonelyest one on the map! What yours? If you have them.

Captin Snow
23rd Aug 2003, 03:31
That was a bit hard to understand.. and what's the deal with the Shadows? My favorite level would be the Robot Factory, with Remote mines, Soviets, and some others. I usualy get the Remote mines and put them on bots backs and wait until they run near another bot to blow it up.

25th Aug 2003, 16:05
A couple of weeks ago my mind thought of this crazy Idea That I should make a army of People dressed shadowy. Then I thought about. Then I thought I would name one of my favorite courses ufopia to be thier head quters. Next I was going to ask if anyone else did this So I add it to the new theard I'd make on stratiges. Thats it! PS
What a signiture I'am bored enough to make you one. Yo could you make a cool piture for me!:D