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22nd Aug 2003, 15:44
I SWEAR it wasn't me! It was the man with one arm!!! :D

No, seriously. I was thinking about the way that movie was constructed, filmed scenes with animated characters overlayed onto it... then I think "well, why not do that for the Tomb Raider movies? If making a complete GCI movie is too difficult or expensive or time consuming or whatever then why not just overlay a CGI Lara into a pre-filmed backdrop?" Think about it, It wouldn't be anywhere near as hard or time consuming... and... as far as I'm concerned, PUT ANJELIA JOLIE IN IT!!! As long as Lara maintains her own character's role I couldn't care less if AJ features in the film, and throw in Nicholas Cage too, he's good!

But I ask: How would you find that kind of a movie? It's a Tomb Raider movie featuring several actors / actresses BUT we actually get to see LARA playing LARA, the CORE of Tomb Raider hereself gets to feature in it.

I think that would be THE BEST movie ever... as far as TR fans go, at least.

Check the poll out...

22nd Aug 2003, 20:59
RebeL_fARmeR that is the dumbest idea i have ever heard of.

Leigh Croft
22nd Aug 2003, 23:11
It's not dumb, lets just increase your doseage a lil.......

23rd Aug 2003, 15:05
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

hehe good idea Rebel :)

by the way... did the medication run out?? ;)

23rd Aug 2003, 17:47
Tomb Raider is a videogame designed to look realistic. A CGI character etc wouldn't suit it, it would suit say, a Zelda movie, but Lara Croft isn't supposed to be a cartoon. It should all be live action.

23rd Aug 2003, 20:18
Originally posted by MR_BASKETBALL_MAN
RebeL_fARmeR that is the dumbest idea i have ever heard of.

I assume by that comment that you've NEVER heard Tony Blair suggest something...

Why do you say that, anyway? What makes my idea *THAT* bad?

24th Aug 2003, 14:33
For what Tomb Raider is - live action movies are the way to go.
(as far aas movies are concerned)
I'd rather see an all CGI animated TV series for Saturday mornings.
That would be cool.
With a TV sereis, you could do multi-episode story arcs where each episode
would be a "level" of the larger "game" (or story arc).

31st Aug 2003, 05:35
Well it be better seeing the real Lara then seeing aj run around like a donkey or any human actress for that matter as I've said before the only one who can be Lara is TR/CG Lara Croft no human

16th Sep 2003, 03:59
I dont know...I thought AJ pulled Lara off quite well.