View Full Version : PDF Document and my Stupid Printer

22nd Aug 2003, 02:43
Ok, this isnt really Thief related, but it is technical, so hopefully someone can help me anyway. I have an old HP Laserjet 5L printer and Im trying to print a PDF document. Thing is, everytime I tell it to print, it prints the top half of one page on one page, and the bottom half on another. Whats with this thing? I know everyone is going to scream drivers, but Ive checked and Im fairly certain Ive got the latest anyway. I didnt install it with the CD (or disk maybe) I dont have it. XP recognized it and did everything for me. So, any suggestions?

22nd Aug 2003, 02:53
Check your printer properties setup, and as a PDF you might try to print it in LANDSCAPE and see if that works.

The PDF page may be larger than 8 by 11 as the printer sees it.

Most PDF's as you look at them on the screen are centered in a wide border.

So the extra border (which makes it look like the page from a book rather than a computer screen page) is read by the printer as unprintable on the bottom half and you are getting only the visible screen portion printed for the top half, then the bottom on a second page.

22nd Aug 2003, 02:57
I'll try it, and thank you for your help. However, something I failed to mention was that I printed off a couple hundred pages from the document before, and it started screwing up at this point. I remember getting quite angry and leaving it. When I tried it today, it still screwed up. I tried printing a section, a single page, and the whole thing, it screws up at the same point, and continues to screw up for the remainder of the document.

22nd Aug 2003, 03:28
In that case I would reinstall the drivers. You might also do a check at HP for current or updated drivers for the printer.

If it worked to a certain point, I would shut down the system, Restart.

Then open the document and Print, but only 2 to 5 pages. See if it has reset and prints the docs correctly.

If not reinstall the printer.