View Full Version : Assault Mode

Candi Skyler
21st Aug 2003, 22:32
On Arcade Custom, when you select Assault, it says some numbers under the level. Like this:

Training Ground

What does this mean?

22nd Aug 2003, 10:39
i think it means that u can link up ps2 and have that many people playign or that show many bots needed.. i dont know tho i never play assualt.

Captin Snow
23rd Aug 2003, 03:42
I play Assult frequently and I've always wondered that too..

By the way, you're welcome for the signature internet king ;)

23rd Aug 2003, 11:44
I want one I want one I WANT ONE :D

Ab ^_^

23rd Aug 2003, 14:10
it means how many player can play on that level for insatnce if you play at the scrapyard it has 1-10. This means if you and 3 mates play u can only have 6 bots defending.