View Full Version : /wave at all the new members

21st Aug 2003, 21:11
<-- Performing drive by

So, hows the Eidos board, CM? I'm still stuck in the ionstorm/t.com boards... you should come by some time :)

22nd Aug 2003, 13:20
I do. But these forums have been keeping me busy the past few weeks (not that I'm complaining).

25th Aug 2003, 08:13
is it just me, or has there been a lot more animation when I'm not there?

I only leave 10 days and I have 250 posts to read! (not that I'm complaining either, hollydays were gooood)

25th Aug 2003, 13:18
Not unexpectedly, things are picking up as the game nears release. Now if we only knew when that will be ... :(

25th Aug 2003, 13:32
-when do we arrive?
-just after the next hill
-It has been just after the next hill for 7 hours, now!!