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21st Aug 2003, 19:45
The inspiration for this poster came about from a custom level that i'm currently working on. The idea for the custom level comes from an idea based upon 'Crowman' from Worzel Gummidge , but this story revolves around a more sinister Crowman with a secret, and an army of evil scarecrows.......... It will also feature paintings by a talented artist by the name Vincent Marcone, whom some already know from the My Pet Skeleton website.
Feeling spooked?.... you will be. :D

21st Aug 2003, 20:11
wow, looks great! http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

21st Aug 2003, 22:01
Absolutely! Gorgeous dhama!! :D

21st Aug 2003, 22:16
Amazing dhama! :D When can we expect to see it released?

22nd Aug 2003, 17:35
Originally posted by Aquarius
When can we expect to see it released?

Before Christmas hopefully. All the level building is complete and part of the texturing, but the wads still need compiling. :) This will be dhamas first since Tower Bridge II 18 months ago.......

22nd Aug 2003, 18:27
Cool! What an amazing poster! It looks fantastic dhama!