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21st Aug 2003, 13:41
My game keeps crashing when cloud gives sephiroth the black materia (well crashes after that cutscene). ive tried the suggestions on the eidos site but none of them seem to come close to fixing the problem.

My Specs are

G4 MX 440
256 RAM
Windows ME

I really want to play this game again it was brilliant on the PSX when i found it was on the PC i almost came close to forgiving eidos for closing down LGS .


21st Aug 2003, 15:26
I had it crashing on me, when Tifa was falling on the deck of the highwind, once. I would hear one of the weapons scream/roar (godzilla like roar)while she's falling and the game would crash. It's supposed to Roar when they show one of the weapons. You can verify the roar timing problem, by playing biglight.avi on mediaplayer and Compare it to the roar in the game.....(by memory of course...it a lot of waiting, since the savepoint is so, far away.)

What solved it on my machine was to change the Direct Sound Acceleration into Basic Acceleration.

Type Dxdiag in the 'Run' menu of Windows
Go to the Sound Tab, and move the slider bar to Basic...and restart the game. You don't have to reboot for it to take effect.

With luck it will solve your problem, too. But no guaratees.

21st Aug 2003, 15:57
tried what you said but no luck after the cutscene where the room caves in the screen goes black and and error pops up saying ''FF7 has caused and error in FF7.EXE.''
Ive already re-installed it once, ive changed the hardware acceleration many times. Still keeps crashing at the same is there anyway i could adjust my save game to start from the next save point?
If i were to partition Windows 98 with ME and run FF7 on the 98 parition would it work without problems (as you can see im desperate to get back into this game).

21st Aug 2003, 16:48
My game stops in the CD2, after defeating Jenova Death, giving the black materia to a random character and talking to Tifa, then saving and going up (crossing the whirlwind in the next screen)... and then.. HERE (the screen goes blank). I don't know what comes next.
A popup is displayed "can't load EHJD.yos".:mad:

Maybe my CD is corrupted?:confused:
I have the spanish version of FF7 (poorly translated, I have to say:mad: ).

AMD Duron 800Mhz
S3 Inc. Savage4
256 RAM
Windows 98, DX8.1, ...

(yeah, a bit outdated for these days;) I know)

21st Aug 2003, 21:50
...Hmm, no that is totally different than my crash. My movie would actually start up and play a while before crashing...sounds like your movie doesn't what to start up.

What happens if you just click on biglight.avi. Does it play in mediaplayer? Maybe the movie itself is corrupt, or maybe you have a conflicting codec drivers? Tell me if it plays.

I assume you tried the copy movies to harddrive trick....but you could try to override the biglight.avi with another movie...maybe it will work? I heard that the movie that you substitute it with, need to be longer or equal in length to the one your replacing or it will stay on a black screen.

I don't, know.
If it is a corrupt biglight.avi...maybe you can find one to DL off the net or something?

I never heard of your crash..at all. If I were to guess, I would say it was a bad CD....but I don't think anyone here has ever posted a problem/question about a Spanish version of FF7. I think your the first.

Whatever file EHJD.yos is....that's probably the source of the problem. Maybe it's missing or reads 0bytes...(if it is ...your copy was poorly, pirated)

21st Aug 2003, 22:54
I had problems with that exact file (biglight) when i tried to copy it onto my HD it couldent read from my CD-Drive.
Half the movies were unreadable so i made an image of the disc and tried it that way on a virtual drive same thing happened.
This copy of FF7 isnt mine its a friends who let me borrow it. . .im starting to see why. . .damn he's got my copy of Thief 2 and Thief Gold! :eek:
is there any way to bypass this problem im actully thinking of downloading a image of the second CD and use that to continue.

22nd Aug 2003, 01:43

The movie substitution method? But, you don't want to do that....The FMV's are what tell the story.

You could get a hold of Eidos, I don't know if they still have copies, but if they do, they charge 10 dollars for replacements. But it's your friends problem.....

FF7PC is just about impossible to find....I think you should look into getting a refurb. PSX, or a PS2. and get the Playstation version of the game. A refurb PSX usually go for less than 30 dollars...and memory card you can add another 10. Don't get a generic memory card....only Sony brand. Oh..and if you get a PS2..you still need a PSX memory card, if you want to save a PSX game.

I used to be a PCer....but since I got my PS2, well...I haven't fired up a PC game in about, 6 months.

Kingdom Hearts
Grandia 2
Onimusha 2

Vagrant Story
Lunar 2
Seikoden 2
Breath of Fire III
Breath of Fire IV
Dragon Warrior VII
Valkyrie Profile
Threads of Fate
Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve 2

The list goes on and on.

22nd Aug 2003, 01:53
meh i already know what happens after that cutscene (i have completed it on the PS) how do make a substitute movie shall i delete biglight and get a cut scene from disc one and call it biglight.
My friend dosent really care about FF7 he's too busy banging away on FFX (while i only dream of getting a PS2 :( ) i doubt he'll go through the trouble of calling eidos for a game he hasent played in years.
Im gonna start searching for FF7 from a a few trade in shops hopefully if im lucky i can have a copy to call my own.
Plus my PSX is bust (too Much Worms and Tekken with mates) go figure

22nd Aug 2003, 02:12
Yeah...you can try the copy movies to harddrive then try a movie substitution. I heard that the movie needs to be longer than the one your replacing, or the screen will stay black. But, I never tried it myself, so I don't know....and I never bothered to try it to see if it would even work.

Instruction on how to copy movies to HD are buried in here:

22nd Aug 2003, 09:26
Thats all well and good but how do a make another movie start at the point of the one being replaced. what do i do to make the cutscene start at that spot.

22nd Aug 2003, 14:33
...it's just a program, you know.

Fool it. Name it the same...overwrite the movie it's replacing.

It's probably not going to work....

I just saw your other post...you shouldn't do that. But what I really wanted to say is that WinME not better than Win98SE, WinME is the worst of all of them. They dumbed down WinME from Win98SE, to make it more user friendly, but in doing so...they broke a lot of functions. Such as the ability to get into a Dos Prompt.

23rd Aug 2003, 08:44
my problem is solved, my cd was corrupt;)
I got a copy of badcopy pro and I repaired my cd:p
thank you for your time;)

23rd Aug 2003, 12:19
Hey yopez whats bad copy pro i think i might need it