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21st Aug 2003, 13:30
Tomorrow at 2PM, Jeff Groeteboer (ie voice of Gunther in Deus Ex) Will be interned at Fort Snelling in Minnesota.
Jeff was 43 years old. A heart transplant patient in 1993, his new heart gave out in July of this year.
I knew Jeff for over 20+ years. My brother brought him into Ion as a Localization specialist. He received the part of Gunther because of his ability to mimic accents.
Please take a moment and remember the original 'Gunther' if you would.


[SYN] Nexus
23rd Aug 2003, 07:34
Jeff we will always remember you as a great voice actor and DeusEx wouldnt be the same without you.You''ll be a part of the DeusEx universe forever.Rest in Peace.

6th Sep 2003, 15:42
This is big news, post it in the Deus Ex forum so more people will notice. Sad :(

12th Sep 2003, 23:28
*Silently pays his respects*:(