View Full Version : Male or Female ???

20th Aug 2003, 03:17
Are you male or female or both (lol) ???

Please vote and try and guess what I am.

20th Aug 2003, 15:03
No offense dear - but - http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1197 - take a looksee!!!! ;) :p

20th Aug 2003, 20:39
He even posted in that thread a few times,
so its not like he didn't know it was there.

Leigh Croft
20th Aug 2003, 21:51
Awww, let the poor guy have his moment ;) :p

21st Aug 2003, 16:18
Congrats Leigh Croft!!!! On the GCSE passes!!!! :D

Leigh Croft
22nd Aug 2003, 14:10
ThanQ LARAMANIAC! Your the only one who has congratulated me :( Im well chuffed though! YAY!