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19th Aug 2003, 23:02
Hi everyone, i just got out of a metal chat room with an interesting discussion about wether music styles affect game choices or vice versa...

Just curious what types of music or bands everyone listens too basicaly to test see if the darker the music the darker ur games... :)

I guess i'll start the ball rolling: Umm Metal, Gothic, rock and such...

Bathory, Burzum, In flames, Children of Bodom, Sisters of Mercy... and such :)

(Also i'm rather drunk so this topic is rather pointless LoL :D)

20th Aug 2003, 00:17
Pointless? Nah, it's a good question (and before I continue, lucky person, being drunk and all :p).

Music does indeed form part of the genre of a game, ergo a game forms parts of the genre of music used.

Take our beloved Legacy of Kain game, in more detail, Soul Reaver. Take, the (Half) Drowned Abby... I mean, c'mon, surely that makes you feel like peeing yourself?


Ah well...

Also take The Ruined City of Dumahim (both normal and suspenceful) - a personal fave. I think it boasts a certain amount of apprehension and, quite frankly, spookyness.

20th Aug 2003, 00:57
I think in general, metal heads are into the whole horror scene.
Now definitions of metal and horror may vary slightly. But overall, I'd agree that the types of music you listen to, the books you read, the movies you watch, and the games you play, are all directly related in some way or another. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

20th Aug 2003, 01:05
I have to disagree.

I like metal, and yes, I also like horror.

But, personally.. the scariest thing to accompany horror is classical music. The rightly timed notes of strings, the blazing tone of trumpets, the steady building up of percussion working it's way up to an ultimate climax - that gives me the wiggins.

In my opinion (and however much I like metal music), metal just doesn't cut it in my books for scary.

And if anyone dare says Marylin Manson does scary music... I will personally track you down and decapitate you...

Umah Bloodomen
20th Aug 2003, 01:16
Originally posted by Omega
And if anyone dare says Marylin Manson does scary music... I will personally track you down and decapitate you...

He does do scary music. It's so crappy it's scary. :D

20th Aug 2003, 05:16
Originally posted by Umah Bloodomen
He does do scary music. It's so crappy it's scary. :D

Amen. :)

I personally favour classical music, melodic death metal and melodic black metal. Also folk metal and heavy metal are greatly valued.

20th Aug 2003, 09:53
Notice that, MArilyn Manson involved in many of the movie track making, espeacially those new style movie, like Matrix 1&2, Queen of the Damn, etc... ...I wouldn't be too suprised if they're involve in game sound track making.

*I never think that MM's song are scary:) *

20th Aug 2003, 12:29
The way the LoK series incorporates its music into games does create quite a suitable and believable atmosphere for the games no matter what type of situation. Marylin Manson. Not really scary. Sure, the only thing Manson has ever done I actually listen to often or at all really is the theme song to Resident Evil the movie, yet I just wish it was longer. Besides that I don't think much of the other music fit that movie, but it was just the way they procured the music. I mean, taking existing songs and fitting them in, it just doesn't work. Thats at least what I remember they did. But it is late(early for others, but I've been going for near 24 hour periods as of late) so I may have some things slightly innacurate. The theme was suited to what it was used for. Some tech heavy lab and the elimination of all those within which was a cold cruel act much as the lab was cold and sterile.

At the end with the ruined city, it worked for that too but that was just the desolation, like the sterility of thE aforementioned lab........

Agreed with Umah as well. Sometimes crap is scary, the bigger the pile the worse the fear :D. Sure, I like Metal, but I like such a wide range it only makes sense when I think about what type of mood I'm in. Classical is also a style I choose to listen to. Sure, there are limits to what I listen to(mostly if I like the way it sounds and feels(LoK fits that(and if there are lyrics if I can understand them)).

Yet I find I listen to the LoK soundtrack, other songs related to it and for some reason The Terrible Mr Grimshaw along with those more then anything else. I loved both Overland Combat from Sr2 and the Sr2 theme. Sure, the Ozar Midrashim also fits that category, and that was the Sr1 theme. Wonder if Defiance will keep up the tradition?

Why do I like video game music so much? I would say it is usually just that good. Though some game's music outright sucks. Crap, so again it therfore becomes scary(to think about listening to). I do also listen to Wierd Al often. Parodies are something I've always enjoyed. If I was to use any song to describe me and my attitude(theme song, everyone needs at least one), it would be It's All About The Pentiums by Wierd Al............. or one of the better Imperial March remixes.

20th Aug 2003, 12:31
Originally posted by Umah Bloodomen
He does do scary music. It's so crappy it's scary. :D


I also think Choral music is quite chilling.

Has anyone ever played 'Dracula: Resurrection'?

Theres some lovely choral work in that that I've been meaning to extract.

Also, the music on 'Warzone 2100' (the strategy game, not the stoopid wrestling one). The music in that is so wonderful.

20th Aug 2003, 14:08
Originally posted by Omega
I have to disagree.

I like metal, and yes, I also like horror.

You are not really disagreeing with me Omega. I did say "in general". I also said there are "exceptions to the rule".

I don't think the original question asked if metal is scary. It just asked for the relationship between music and games and our tastes. I asnwered according to my experiences and observations.

Classical does set the eerie mood better. But most horror fans are metal heads. That was my original point.

Sorry for any misunderstanding. I just felt the need to clarify.

20th Aug 2003, 14:20
lol, fair enough :)

20th Aug 2003, 15:59
Ha, actually (in fact) the first Defiance trailer is the first time I heard rock music appear in LOK series. Beside, I always think that cothic style or classic style of music (urgh...I do not know how to explain that kind of music well, example: Ruin City<SR1>, SunlightGlyph_sus<SR1>, Sarafan stronghold<SR2>) are more appropriate to LOK series game.:)

20th Aug 2003, 20:53
Well i have to say i am a marilyn manson fan so i'm all offended now :( :p lol.

Seriously tho. In the Majority of games i rarely notice the music... I think games that use selective silence can be more chilling than any creepy music... :) Take Resident Evil for example... Any of the scenes where ur crossing a street and u can't hear anything but ur still listening so hard for a sniff of a dog or zombie... I think silence freaks me more than music can :) But there have been instants on games where music has played a factor to the emotions i get... Homeworld is probably the best example. Adagio for strings was an epic piece of music for that game... The feelings i got when listening to that piece when returning to the Kharak system were so mixed and intense... was quite a feat to be honest :)

20th Aug 2003, 21:57
This is a really intresting one, but actually perhaps more intresting is do existing Media products genres affect gaming?

Clearly they do. Horror, Action, Drama they are all there. At the Same Time Puzzlers and god sims are a little harder to explain.

As a sidenote Chorus musik is def scary

But personally I dig electronica (althrough it wouldnt suit LOK)

20th Aug 2003, 22:08
Ave Maria... by Rachmaninov is quite an emotional piece... but I agree that Adagio for strings by Samual Barber is amazing.

I also have a choral version, I'm unsure who it's by, I'll try dig out the CD all get back to you :)

I really need to expand my classical collection too, get paid on friday so I'll take a trip to Amazon or something.

20th Aug 2003, 22:42
Omega-a good choral piece to get is Carmina Burana by Orff, preferably w/Leopold Stokowski (and preferably a older Leopold, at that-he had a different interpretation of it then his younger self; I've heard other versions by different symphonies/conductors, they can be crap). Beautiful piece. Hmm-some other good classics: Just about anything by Stravinksy (Yay Rite of Spring!); Mussorgsky is good too-just stay away from the pieces that have been re-worked by the stupid Rimsky-Korsakov team;most Barber is good (and to think, all these men died in the 20th century!); and one final thing, from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, is the Peacock dance-sensuous (or sometimes called the Coffee suite-remember, coffee was considered a rather potent drug at the time... yet opium wasn't. Crazy.)
Oh-yes, I do actually listen to music composed within recent times-Radiohead is a personal fav. I usually stay away from the heavier/more violent stuff, as I don't care to explore that series of emotions anymore.

A scary thought: I knew how to spell all those composers names, without aid.... the mind reels.

20th Aug 2003, 22:56
Ha! Getting old now, arn't we?

Need your rocking chair, yet? ;) :p