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19th Aug 2003, 13:54
Due to the crushing fall of my favourite developer Westwood, and then leaving that community, I turned to Deus ex community. Previously all my attention was drawn towards Generals, and I had no time for anything else. In the past hour I have been looking round at threads and such and the main site. (I have not read any reviews/can't find any truly up to date ones – most of them are shoved in a cupboard somewhere - I read PCGAMER UK.)

Can i have the lowdown? :)


19th Aug 2003, 15:17
Here's a full description of the DX series.

Deus Ex 1 was the best first-person shooter ever for one reason: It gave you choices. You could shoot and kill your way through every level, or you could sneak past everyone. There were several ways to most objectives, such as swimming to an underwater base or going through tunnels to the appropriate section.

Another way it gave choices was through being an RPG (role-play game). You had skills that you could advance to change your character from a mediocre secret agent into an elite marksman--or even swimmer or doctor or demolitions expert. And you could do more than one, since it used experience points that you spent on the skills.

Related were the augmentations. You could find canisters that gave you special abilities or upgraded current abilities, and you had to choose which abilities to gain. You could turn your character into a walking tank, where all explosives would detonate in your enemies' hands and their bullets would hardly pierce your flesh, or you could choose to be a silent, invisible man, sneaking past your enemies.

There were options in the storyline, as well, though many of these had only a minor affect on the outcome. You could choose what to do with the world in the end (trying to avoid spoilers, so I'll be sketchy), and you can save people or let them die as you wish. Sometimes, killing too many people had a negative affect; you're supposed to be a police officer, not an army.

But there was another thing that made the game great. It had a good story behind it, and an immersive world not too unlike our own. The game didn't try to overawe you with a wholly new reality that takes a long time to learn, and the differences between here-and-now and the game are all explained, by conversations or email messages.

There were many conversations, but you could avoid some if you wished. Still, talking with people was one of the great things about the game. You could talk to a pilot about rumors of Area 51, give a bit of money to someone who's dying of a plague, discuss triads with a bartender, or even explain why you did something.

The new game will incorporate most of these things, such as the RPG aspects of the game (though skills and augmentations were merged), the options, and the interactivity, but it will add wonderful physics--which most games lack--and graphics--which the first one lacked--as well as dynamic lighting, which should be exciting. What if you're hiding in the shadows of a room and a guard with a flashlight on his gun enters? You have to hide better or take him out quickly.

Deus Ex: Invisible War will have three times as much dialogue, and rather than being open-ended, it will be open-pathed (if that's the right word). The same maps will be used for each path, but you have different objectives for each, as I understand it.

The HUD is different in the new game, as is the character (Alex Denton rather than JC Denton). There are more factions in DX:IW (or at least, more separated factions), which allows for more ways to play the game.


19th Aug 2003, 16:25
I actually just asked for DX2 not the entire series.

I heard early on that London was in Dx2 and the Thames had flooded. Is this still going to happen?

Bio Denton
19th Aug 2003, 23:39

20th Aug 2003, 01:17

They have just about everything that's known. Some is outdated, but it's the best source.