View Full Version : All Object creators...ahoy!!

19th Aug 2003, 11:34
I need a few talented object makers to help me with some objects. I'm going to build the luna temple from Tomb Raider The Movie! I'm need: (This is a real challenge!)

A jetski! (Drivable) - (Maybe someone to remodel the venice boat)
Boats (Plain fishing boats etc)
The orb
The medal
The swimming gear that they wear!

(Pretty much everything in the first part of the movie)

THis is going to be hard but anyone who can help get cracking and i look forward to see what ideas people have come up with!!!!

If you want to help but find that too hard refer to the movie and find something i could use in my level! Thanx to all! :p

19th Aug 2003, 20:36
Just for anyone else that may read this post that want objects, most talented designers don't just up and start on requests for the heck of it. I think there has to be something in it for them too.
And I think if you really wanted them to do it, you would have to be almost finished with the level and absolutely, positively be able to release the level once you put in the finishing objects.

So, you may want to get cracking on it yourself. Sorry.

sk8er punk
19th Aug 2003, 21:25
it's impossible to make a drivable boat in the trle. It's hardcoded that all vehicles explode when they hit water.

20th Aug 2003, 06:52
THanx for the help! BTW sk8r punk hows the REsi project commin? I can't use my level editor as my computer has no space!


20th Aug 2003, 07:01
Have you considered deleting something? :)

Something I have done in the past is just zip alot of stuff. It can free up alot of stuff.
And depending on how it is setup, you might want to empty the recycle bin. I've had 200-300MB in it before.
You might also be able to adjust the size of your browser cache. It sometimes defaults pretty large.

21st Aug 2003, 21:52
I zipped up all the original wads that came with the LE and left them in 1 zip file in the wad folder for future needs and such. I am bad about watching my space. lol It makes me mad when I get below 32 gigs. It makes me start burning stuff to cds and deleting the burned files from the drive. lol