View Full Version : tr5 objects

18th Aug 2003, 22:12
where can i get the object wads from tr5
i've lost my cd so i don't know where to get those objects

19th Aug 2003, 07:03
You got the TR5 wads on your cd? I'm jealous...

19th Aug 2003, 20:18
Aktrekker: WADMerger can open trc levels and then you can copy from them as if they are wads.

DNF: You might be able to find some at the TRLESE.

19th Aug 2003, 20:28
thanks trwad i've use the trwad program and it works perfectly but now i am looking for the tr5 animations such as :
the tight rope animation
the swinging bar animation
the drawer animation
i've worked with tomo's wad submarine base it worked BUT the only problem is i can't get to the next level when i add the lara object (that allows me to have the tr5 animation)the next level crashes does anyone ells have those animations ???

20th Aug 2003, 06:55
I thought you had to use the same Lara in all levels. Maybe that is why the next level crashes.

20th Aug 2003, 20:11
oh no don't worry about that in russia 2 i had different lara objects and it worked fine when you change level

20th Aug 2003, 21:46
Try usingthe ResetHub command in the script. I think that's what will fix it.

21st Aug 2003, 01:26
uhhhhhmm i've tried the reseb hub command in the script and it works BUT the flare animation is weird and if i take another flare in the second level everything is back to normal so what seems to be the problem ??

21st Aug 2003, 03:08
I have one question. I had win 98 and wadmerger extracted the objects from TRC levels just fine. I recently got XP and when I extract the levels only some of the objects have textures and at that they still look funny. All other TR's extract fine though.