View Full Version : Bloodsport: confused on objectives...

18th Aug 2003, 21:41
I have a new objective to ransack the storage area - I thought I already did this when I went through a bunch of boxes in a room that had a metal door and a metal gate to get through...

Do I have to go back or is there another storage room?

Did I miss a key for the metal gate underwater?

Where is the leige???


18th Aug 2003, 23:23
You need to do more than ransack it. You need to destroy every box in there. Try blowing them up. :) Sometimes this objective does NOT tick off, no matter what you do. I've played Bloodsport many times and only hit this bug once, so hopefully, you won't.

19th Aug 2003, 15:35
Any hints on the key for the underwater gate or where the leige is?????


19th Aug 2003, 18:13
The Liege is in a building in the same area where you found the way down to the water.

The key was dropped down a toilet. Look across the water from the dock and you'll see a dripping wooden spout with some boxes floating under it. Look in there. :)