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Bio Denton
18th Aug 2003, 09:11
I re-played the game on the weekend, using pre-emptive tactics, such as placing a LAM outside of Paul's apartment door for the MIBs and down in the hotel foyer for the UNATCO troops.

Later on I was very naughty on my way down to the UC schematics; I left a LAM in place to kill Simons on my way back up.


*Hangs head*

18th Aug 2003, 18:38
Hehe I did the same thing at Hotel in a effort to make sure Paul made it....combo LAMS and Gas!
Can you say "Pay Back Time"!!

However I did note, that if you placed them on the outside of the door it takes out a few then the rest come in while you are talking to paul and basicly kill you from behind.
So I placed them right inside the door frame, like I am guessing you are doing? And a few on the pillars downstairs for good measure.

Bio Denton
20th Aug 2003, 10:09
The best way, without being pre-emptive, is to simply run into the hidden room behind the bookcase, and close the door. Have a smoke. Check your email. Chill out and leave it to Paul to nail them all. (He can't die)

25th Aug 2003, 15:04
Originally posted by Bio Denton
*Hangs head*

I'll join you in shame. In the 747 I put a Lam on the door of Lebedev's room, so as soon as Anna walked in...BOOM
she didn't even get out a word :p

25th Aug 2003, 16:03
Anna is so easy to kill though i prefer to save the Lam. - just 2 headshots needed with the pistol.

25th Aug 2003, 16:13
personnally, I preferred the flamethrower. you burn her once, and she goes around screaming, and then runs away. you don't even have to kill her half of the time

Bio Denton
26th Aug 2003, 21:23
That reminds me.. acid-filled vials in DX2 would be nice..