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Melissa X
18th Aug 2003, 07:57
hiya all.

Does anyone out there have and tips, hints or links to good threads or sites regarding making flybys and lighting rooms.

These are two areas I'm having some bother with....

My flyby is ready, I've got all the rooms laid out just need to get it to work, and as for lighting my level, some rooms are okay, but I just cant seem to get the lighting right in stacked rooms or areas with complicated roofs.

any help or pointers will be appreciated.



18th Aug 2003, 17:37
If your already familiar with cameras, then just remember to check they're numbered sequentially and that you set the first on (camera 0) to 'one shot' unless you want it repeating forever.

One tip I can give as far as lighting is concerned, when using multiple room on top of or next to each other, always place a bulb right next to the door of each room (on the tile adjacent to the where you've joined the rooms together) but make sure you put the bulb in the next room next to the bulb in the other room. I hope this is clear enough.

[bulb in room 1] [door] [bulb in room 2]

By putting them next to each other in adjacent rooms, the lighting will appear less staggered. ;)

Melissa X
19th Aug 2003, 13:52
thanks for that, i guess it really is going to have to be just a lot of practise.

Must remember to post some piccys of my level too soon

19th Aug 2003, 14:06
Its worth noting that when you use the refresh button it smooths out the ambient light between rooms.

When I first started using the level editor, when creating stacked rooms, in the lighting preview you could always see a quite distinct line no matter how careful I was. But the engine smooths it all out when in game (as long as it isn't too severe and also bearing in mind dhama's advice above).

Another thing about lighting (IMHO) is to put ambient light very low or none at all and light the room(s) with lightbulbs. You get much more dynamic, effective lighting that way I have found.

And don't forget to use the 'show light meshes' button, this really helps when positioning/adjusting lights.

Melissa X
20th Aug 2003, 07:25
owww, thanks for that, I ll be trying those tips out tonight!:D