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17th Aug 2003, 22:32
The game reviewers and others seem to have a double standard. I just bought GTA3, and have played it some. This was a game that the game reviewers and "serious" gamers raved about - and talk about bugs! Constant slowdowns, graphical glitches, nightmarish controls (you have to switch back and forth from keypad to mouselook when driving vs walking, among many absurdities) - this game's a mess! It's fun anyway, and I'm enjoying playing it - but if the same people who took AOD apart piece by piece had subjected this plotless, glitchy, and socially irresponsible mishmosh to the same standard - well, they wouldn't have made such a whoop about it. Just goes to show what crooks the game reviewers are.:D

17th Aug 2003, 22:40
I never trust games reviewers or film critics! I buy a product because I want to, not because someone who is being paid to do so, gives me their opinion! "I don't care what you think!!!" :p

18th Aug 2003, 03:03
I couldn't give a f---ing ant's birthday party what games reviewers say about games. Or most people, for that matter. It's just opinions, paid or not. LARAMANIAC, you've said it best: "I don't care what you think!!!"

Lara Croft Online
18th Aug 2003, 06:07
Who hires these people? Must be family or somthing :rolleyes:

18th Aug 2003, 14:40
In fact, why does this job even exist???? :p

19th Aug 2003, 00:12
No, its not a double standard. Have you personally played GTA3 on the PS2? If you haven't you'd be quite suprised on how the game holds up compared to AoD.

19th Aug 2003, 00:30
No. Just on PC - the same PC. Haven't played real far into either, but TRAOD has performed a tad better so far. Both games were better after being patched.