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17th Aug 2003, 20:16
Not sure how many are aware of this, possible spoilers:


You can't miss it.

Reaver of Souls
17th Aug 2003, 20:30
What the..? A Movie? I think someone accidentally checked the wrong box when they put that up. And who is this Master Baine?


17th Aug 2003, 20:32
Videogames are also submitted into the database due to the Directing and Voice Acting aspects. Also, someone made a pretty valid point on Nosgothic Realm that it may be a misspelling of "Bane" the Nature Guardian.

Matt from Spam Buddies
17th Aug 2003, 21:13
Wohoo! Yeah! I knew it! I hoped this would happen!


... putting good old "forgotten" Pillar Guardians in! :)

Thanks for sharing, mate. :)

- Matthew

17th Aug 2003, 21:36
If it is Bane, which it could be although I don't understand the "Master", it's not the same voice as in BO1, not that he said much, but still, with allmost al the other roles they have the same voice actor.

Umah Bloodomen
17th Aug 2003, 23:09
Preacher, I found your thread title a bit inappropriate for the forum and edited it accordingly. In the future, kindly choose better descriptions.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to either Chris or I.


Secrets Of Nosgoth
18th Aug 2003, 07:19
I like how it recommends Conan The Barbarian if you like LoKD.

Ken Cow!
18th Aug 2003, 12:18
Haha I noticed that too!

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Aug 2003, 13:45
Master Bane... :rolleyes:

It's all like...

"Yo, check eez out mah nu G-ride, man. Und me Pumaz. I eez da masta Bane, B! Fo' real. Bling-bling."

- Matthew

18th Aug 2003, 17:43
Amy was kind enough to fill me in on this. It's a mistake. There is no "Master Baine" in Defiance, and Tom Towles is not a voice actor on the project. I've already sent a correction to IMDB.

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Aug 2003, 18:15
Oh... that... um... sucks...

- Matthew

18th Aug 2003, 18:36
What? Why? It's like saying there's no Urqhart the Unjust in Defiance. It's just a name that someone made up or got confused about. There was no story to go along with the character.

The Amazing Rando
18th Aug 2003, 18:48
lol, blinc, was that William's cousin from the next castle over.

This is the reason that I don't buy into what is said unless stated here by Chris or Amy- including the gamespy article, etc. I'll just wait for confirmation.

Matt from Spam Buddies
18th Aug 2003, 20:17
Oh, hehe.

Well, I quite liked the idea of having the "forgotten" Pillar Guardians back.

Nothing is lost, though. Who said there will be no "forgotten" Pillar Guardians in LOK-D, right? ;)

Thanks for sharing what Amy said, Ben. :)

- Matthew

18th Aug 2003, 21:03
Oliver Twist...... Yuk :mad:

I just Hate that book so bad :o

Umah Bloodomen
18th Aug 2003, 22:06
Just as the thread title was edited on account it was a bit inappropriate, the same statement was also removed from your post GawdDawgs.

This will be the last warning on the matter. Any questions/comments or other concerns can be brought to the attention of either Chris or I.

The Unspoken One
28th Aug 2003, 00:17
i rekon they shud make a side game on a seperate disc, not really crucial to the series main plot but like a disc where u can play as pre-fallen raziel and fly nothing too complex but still not too simple. like an expansion game , i suppose like metal gear solid:substance or whatever it is called

28th Aug 2003, 00:54
Maybe if they had 4 times as many people working on the game, like Konami does...

The Unspoken One
28th Aug 2003, 00:58
lol patience is a virtue my friend......:cool: