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16th Aug 2003, 20:58
Well I felt I should play a CryDy game coz they are gona make the next game. So played SR2. In terms on graphics, it looks good but the environments are very repetitive.. The storyline is not bad at all but the game play sucks huge A$$. The combat system was boring and the game is far too repetitive. The puzzles are slighlty easy and theres mostly mindless roaming involved while killing wierd creatures(who are extremely dumb). Ive played 5-6 levels and am too bored to go on. On the plus side, I only borrowed the game from a friend so no money wasted. Lets hope they improve their quality of game making for TR7.

16th Aug 2003, 21:15
An interesting idea, trying out the opposition..... to see if Crystal D' is worthy of Lara. But aren't you just comparing what you've already experienced with Tomb Raider?.... perhaps, perhaps not, anyhow we'll only know the answer to the main question - "Will Crystal D' make good of Tomb Raider?"; when we get to play it. ;)

16th Aug 2003, 23:22
I thought the game was quite poor overall without any comparison to any game. I thought the combat system woulda been a little better considering there isnt much in terms of puzzles, but it was too stupid.

Talking about puzzles, I am actually enjoying a completely mindless game with no puzzles of any sort, dont laugh now, but that game is 'wwe shut your mouth'. Ive never been a fan of mindless fighting games and never ever watch wwe(or f), but this is just so much fun with all these funny storylines.

17th Aug 2003, 02:36
Originally posted by moe888uk
far too repetitive
Yea and my raziel pulled a hamstring in the middle of that game and never recovered.

17th Aug 2003, 07:00
To eachs own. I on the other hand dont see how you can consider SR2's areas repetative...the only thing that i could see as being repetative is when you travel back and forth through time. Yes the combat does need work but compaired to TR (Run shoot..cant even jump shoot anymore..thank you very much AOD) it's far superior and the hand to hand combat is MUCH easier. Overall some of your points I agree with but others..I cant help but ask WTF were you smokin? lol :D

17th Aug 2003, 09:43
I don't know if others feel this way, but I've found any fighting control in any game that has it, always seems to be dependant upon pressing as many of the control keys as possible, but never intentionally...........

17th Aug 2003, 10:45
Mgardiner: There some good points in the game, when I first realized I can phase through the caged door using by changing the mode to underworld(or something), it felt like 'hmm, cool trick'. But after a little while this changing between different modes feel boring. Overall I felt seriously bored with the game(nearly as bored when I played this stupid game called mechwarrior, uggh).

Dad:Hahaha. 'If you smelllll what the kain is cookin'

17th Aug 2003, 22:33
I started playing, I guess is the 1st Soul Reaver, Legacy of Kain (I don't think that's referred to as #2, but I think is after 'Blood Omen' or such as an actual predecessor.

It must have not been quite so good to me or I would have continued playing it. I played thru several levels, met a boss or 2 or whatever that one guy was, the one over Kain I guess.

I kind of think I might like playing it now, though.

When 1st played it, it got easily sidelined.

I have no idea though, whether CD can make a good TR. I would imagine they should be able to.