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16th Aug 2003, 12:31
Are more people disapointed that you don't see the energy-beam twirling round Raziel's arm?

( i mean when the wraith-reaver is enabled. )

Altough they did put in the promotional drawings.

16th Aug 2003, 12:44
Yeah, I am too. It just doesn't seem like a symbiotic, inextricable bound weapon anymore if Raziel is "holding" it.

I find it weird that the promotional art shows it coiled around his arm but not in the game.

16th Aug 2003, 13:32
I've wanted to see the reaver held since Kain first broke it over Raziel way back in Sr1. Or is that way forward? Either way.

That was the form it had at that point as it developed into an ethereal reflection of the sword it came to inhabit. It makes it seem more like its true form as a blade this way as well. The other way is classic, yes. But what do you want, an extension of an arm or a powerfull blade. I'd go with holding the blade.

Matt from Spam Buddies
16th Aug 2003, 15:16
I'm happy with the "new" Wraith Blade in all ways. We need a change. Things would be so dull and boring in this world when there are no changes at all, right? ;)

Well, yes. It all makes sense, doesn't it?
In LOK-SR the blade was fairly long and had the energy coils around Raziel's arm. That was because the Wraith Blade was symbiotic, bound to Raziel in a... gentle... way.
In TLOKS-SR2 the blade was shorter and had no coils at all. This was due to the fact that the Wraith Blade was parasitic, binding itself brutally around and inside Raziel's arm.
But now, in LOK-D, it seems that the Wraith Blade is not bound to Raziel almost at all. So I think there's the problem, and I'm not weeping like a girl, because it seems to be story-related... uh... I think... maybe... we'll see...

Besides. The game's still pretty far away, I wouldn't be surprised when they merely haven't added the coils just yet. There's a small chance they'll do that though.

- Matthew

Sade Lyrate
16th Aug 2003, 15:21
Originally posted by LOKFan
...It just doesn't seem like a symbiotic, inextricable bound weapon anymore if Raziel is "holding" it...

(Perchance) it's no longer that. Perchance Kain's actions
somehow rendered the wraith-blade 'something else', a
'thing' all by itself, no longer merely a 'parasite' or 'symbiote'...

Yours, with deference

16th Aug 2003, 21:06
If you look at the higher-res versions of the promotional art, there is still a band wound around Raziel's arm. It's just that he holds the weapon itself in his hand instead of it extending out like a long claw.

16th Aug 2003, 21:10
Well I don't understand how the wraith blade's behavior could have changed by kain's actions, as in the End of SR2 the wraith blade appears as it had throughout the entire game, a brutal parasite.

If anything occurs, it will occur in the very beginning of the Definance game.

Matt from Spam Buddies
16th Aug 2003, 21:29
Yes, that's the whole point.

In the end of TLOKS-SR2 the Spectral Wraith Blade was the very same parasitic one.

Something should happen now, something story-related to change the blade into what we see in the visuals. Most likely, it'll happen, would be kind of weird if it was just for the "looks".

I recall seeing the parasitic Wraith Blade in one of LOK-D's promotional renderings.

- Matthew

19th Aug 2003, 07:07
...well perhaps they made it that way so that doing ground/aerial combos it would look nicer...maybe...

19th Aug 2003, 18:24
Actually i think the new Reaver looks pretty cool. It looks like the Actual Soul Reaver blade, u can see the spikes of the hilt and almost see the skull on it... Rather mint to me :)

20th Aug 2003, 03:49
From alot of screen shots I've seen, the wraith blade looks really cool, more wraith-like, and stronger.

20th Aug 2003, 07:55
I don't really mind that he's holding the reaver like sword.
I just misses the energy coil twisting round his upperarm.

20th Aug 2003, 20:19
Originally posted by Chubben
Are more people disapointed that you don't see the energy-beam twirling round Raziel's arm? (I mean when the soul-reaver is enabled: SR1).
Altough they did put in the promotional drawings.

I'm impressed with the faint outlines of the sword's resemblence of the Blood Reaver (it's ghostly form; the skull w/ the wings out the sides and the curving blade). I do miss the swirling effect starting at Raziel's shoulder and working it's way down to the tip of the sword.
I do wonder if we'll be able to change it's colour (and ablility) like in SR1 with the "in game" codes (and with Gameshark/Code Breaker cheat codes).
I'm dying to crack the game, open up the Debug Menus, play around, have "infinite health, Kain play out Raz's areas, give raz some wings, shift at will, free flight or moon jump, blah, blah, blah" (not saying that those codes are going to be there or anything but it's fun to imagine). :p ;) :cool: