View Full Version : Second Thread :P

16th Aug 2003, 07:27
Hello there!
Commandos III is gonna rock definetly. Any word on how many CDs? :)

20th Aug 2003, 07:08
is there multiplayer on demo??? :rolleyes:

22nd Aug 2003, 02:33
i want c3 to come out on dvd, but this is not going to happen :(
i hope c3 will be on about 4-5 cd's:)
so it would take longer to instalkl and i will be more anxious to play it :)

22nd Aug 2003, 08:43
and you cant leave pc, cuz you have to switch cd's, so no watching tv or smth to kill time... (i read manual)

22nd Aug 2003, 17:16
exactly. damn, must make myself to read manual before the game! so i wouldnt miss out any important stuff like i did with c2 and cbel :)
manual reading realy sux. when c2 came out i read it instead of doing homework :P

22nd Aug 2003, 17:20
i was reading it on school, went to shop when we had a break..

25th Aug 2003, 19:32
I doubt there will be 4-5 cds. I have never played games were there are so many...except for Emperor Battle for Dune, but then you don't need all the cds. one for each side.

I don't like sitting infront of computer waiting...because then always stuff go wrong:(...better to just not watch at the monitor while doing something important

26th Aug 2003, 04:41
Thats the reason i want it on so many cd's :) so it would game on most cd's ;)
btw welcome back!