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15th Aug 2003, 18:50
I am writing this post because most people in the forum don’t really understand how much of a good game developer Crystal Dynamics is. Sure they have made silly disney games, but all their original titles are very well-rated and well done. Gex was actually a popular character at its time and the games did well. Then the legacy of kain series was just a brilliant set of games. Crystal Dynamics are very good at making good-complicated stories, good atmosphere, level design, etc. I think they will be very good at developing the next tomb raider game. Below I wanted to show you some screens of Soul Reaver 1 & 2 and Crystal Dynamics upcoming game “Legacy of kain: Defiance.” I know we cannot judge a game by screen shots, but I have played demos of both Soul Reaver 1 & 2 and they are so excellent games. Most people think that since this is an American company Lara Croft will go all American on us and travel in space ships and shoot aliens. I think that would be the most stupid thing that would happen and just wouldn’t make sense. I think eidos and crystal dynamics know this.

Here is a screen shot of Soul Reaver 1 for the PSX. This game came out around the same time as Tomb Raider III. Can you see a difference in environments/atmosphere/level design between Soul Reaver and Tomb Raider III?


Now these are some screens from Soul Reaver 2 for PS2. This game was originally going to be release for PSX, DC, and PS2. But only made it too PS2 and PC. It was built on a slightly improved engines of the first soul reaver. Just look at the beauty of those screens! This game came out in 2001 I believe.



Now the next game is Crystal Dynamics recent game that is being developed for Xbox, PS2, and PC. I think it is a new engine, but I could be wrong.



Well I just wanted to show you what kind of developer Crystal Dynamics is. They are allot of good style in their games. I suggest you go and try Soul Reaver 1 and Soul Reaver 2. I haven’t tried Blood Omen 2 yet, but I hear it is a pretty cool game with cool gameplay. I also hear the PS2 version is quite buggy, but nothing serious. Well hope this gave you some kind of idea of who Crystal Dynamics is :D.


15th Aug 2003, 19:35
I'm playing Soul Reaver 2 right now, and I gotta say i'm impressed, except for the control system. What is it with you programmers??? Doom had the right idea about control and so did the early Tomb Raiders (with the exception of the camera). So why make it so cokanded?

I have to add that i'll be glad when Doom III finally arrives and then I can get back to real control.... :cool:

Umah Bloodomen
16th Aug 2003, 02:56
It has been proven that programmers like to screw with the heads of the gaming community. Don't fret, dhama. You'll get the hang of it. ;)