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15th Aug 2003, 14:37
So, what are the three most annoying things about TS2? Here are mine:

#1. Dumb AI: Sometimes, the AI can get really annoying... I'm talking about Team Mate AI, not enemy AI. Take Bags of Fun for example, all Cortez ever does is just run around and shooting the splitters, and he isn't even good at that! And he almost never goes for the opponents bag... Only unless there's NO-ONE else there for him to start shooting at. And what about that "kill yourself and let your team mate carry the bag the rest of the way" strat to save time? Well, you can almost never do it, cause' whenever you do drop the bag, HE NEVER GOES FOR IT! He just keeps running around, acting useless untill one of your opponents come and gets it first! Not only that, but when your are fighting bot's, they always act kinda dumb and just shoot at you... Why can't they create bots as smart as we (humans) are? The developers of Quake 3 didn't seem to have any trouble creating their ultra hard Nightmare bot AI. Anyway, I really hope they do improve the AI in TS3.

#2. No combined modes: Why the heck can't we combine modes in arcade custom? Like a Vampire Monkey Assistant Capture the Bag match? That would be really cool, so why didn't they do it? It really makes me mad! This is somthing that they HAVE to put in TS3.

#3. Short Lifespan: Although it did take me some time to get all 66 plats, if you still look at it, TS2 does have a kinda short life span. After you get all the plats and complete the game on hard, there is nothing else to do! (unless trying to beat your scores for the NGC-Elites) But many people arn't signed-up with the NGC-elites, and after they finish the game, what else is there? I think in TS3, we will need many many many more challenges and arcade league stages to keep the game alive for a long time to come!

Now it's your turn... What are the three most annoying things about TS2?

15th Aug 2003, 15:10
i think the AI for team is a really big prob.
Second the Atom smasher on hard. Way to tough. Almost broke the game on that level.
Third would have to be the number on options the bots have that we dont. Diving sliding shooting both pistols at once. And also always knowing where i am at while trying to hide from them in virus.

This is just another thing i noticed. While playing virus with all 5 star bots on UFOPTIA when i get on top of the ufos and stay there the bots somehow glich up to me. Going from the ground to the ufo where i am at even though they cant jump straight up. This is in the GCN version.

15th Aug 2003, 20:22
Originally posted by RedXevious
#3. Short Lifespan

Are you serious?? TS2 was one of the longest (if not the longest) lasting game I've ever played and its a great multiplayer game so it'll see alot more use!

Sure you might say it wasn't long enough, no game is ever long enough if its good but if you compare it to most games I'm sure you'll find that it outlasts them.

Ab ^_^

15th Aug 2003, 20:45
I agree i have only 80 percent complete but i have had it since it has came out and i play on it nearly eveytiem i go on my playstaion, i only bought it for multiplayer.

15th Aug 2003, 21:08
I've just registered here and I'm already fed up. All I've seen is eidos bragging about how good they think the game is like, "How can the already excellent TimeSplitters be improved upon" You don't see any other company bragging about how good their product is. I hate braggers. That is what I find most annoying about Timesplitters 2, THE COMPANY. I was just getting into the Timesplitters game too, I was starting to like it. But now that I've seen how much Eidos like to brag about it I've gone right off it. Eidos, you've lost yourself a satisfied customer. :mad:

Captin Snow
16th Aug 2003, 02:10
What's wrong with bragging? Eidos has had their share of horrible video games :cough:tombraider:cough: so when a great one comes out, and they know it will do well, why not brag? Technicaly, you were bragging about your hate for braggers.

By the way, I kick ass.

16th Aug 2003, 10:28
Originally posted by Ricardo
I've just registered here and I'm already fed up. All I've seen is eidos bragging about how good they think the game is like

Errr... If you dislike Eidos so much, why register in the first place? :confused:

16th Aug 2003, 10:43
KC, I like your new signature pic! I should try makin one for myself ^_^


16th Aug 2003, 12:59
Thankeee!! :D

Simle, yet effective. ;)

17th Aug 2003, 17:24
Multiplayer kill left messages for all 3; if there was an option to set the time it was on the screen for then great, but it lacks this. It makes the gameplay go down the tubes and have thought numerous times to heave the controller at the screen. I'd rather be frustrated from killing the AI bots on the hardest setting as opposed to this. HEED MY CALL EIDOS! PLEASE CHANGE THIS! </rant>

17th Aug 2003, 17:26
i dont see how that message can stop you from playing

17th Aug 2003, 17:39
Let's give this scenario, you're driving down the highway and all of a sudden somehow a medium size highway animal ends up splattered on your window, blocking your view of the road. I play the game on a 28" tv with the owner of the game, split screen horizontal. I don't stop playing the game either. I'm annoyed with the fact the text could be smaller. Suggestion, take after ID Software with Quake 3 and make the kills left vocal, or even have a shorter onscreen time.

18th Aug 2003, 11:54
ok i have got a new worst thing the duck one of out numbered but never outgunned i can get gold or playinum in all of elite leuge yet i cant get higher then bronze in that challange :( lol

18th Aug 2003, 13:47
Camp out in the toilets and shoot the ducks as they come in with the dual shutguns.

Ab ^_^

18th Aug 2003, 17:53
i used to run around liek a mad man i will try that lol

18th Aug 2003, 21:23
well i hate the way in elimiation the bots targets u and only u.

ummmm not having a planet x multiplayer arena. and the same for all the places in sttory

thats bout it scince i love this game