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14th Aug 2003, 21:30
I just thought I would like to put down what I think Crystal Dynamics should do with tomb raider 7. This is more of a wish list that I hope to be in the next tomb raider.

First I will start with the controls that I think would best suit the next tomb raider.

R1- toggles walk mode like in AOD

R2- Sprint similar too AOD with the unlimited dash bar. Lara doesn't slow down.

L1- Stealth

L2- Crouch/crawl.

Circle- roll

triangle- draw weapons

Square- Jump

X- Action

d-pad- Classic tomb raider controls

analog right- Control system similar to AOD.

analog left- Camera/Look like in AOD.

I think the climbing monkey swinging should return also. But I would like to see rope/vein swinging too.

As you can see the controls I listed are more of the classic tomb raider controls. I also don't think there is a need for a look button since I mainly used the analog camera to look around. I am also not sure about the L1/ stealth. I don't think tomb raider needs stealth and I know I didn't use it much in AOD. The hand-to-hand combat was a good idea for Lara, but in AOD it was clumsy and slow. I would like the same idea used for the next tomb raider except have the hand fighting more fluid and smooth. I would also like for Crystal Dynamics too drop the strength upgrades as I think they were kind of dumb. That didn't really bother me, but I didn't really get the point of them. I also didn't like the strength bar when Lara would shimmy, climb, etc. I thought is was too MGS2. I did like the fact that Lara didn't have a strength bar when sprinting. Sprinting was much easier to control.

Interacting with other characters was fun and I did not mind it. But I would like the next tomb raider to focus more on tombs and I don't think people are going to be waiting in a tomb to be talked too. But if there is a way to make character interacting work in the next tomb raider, than that would be great. I would like a more traditional tomb raider game that involves puzzles, action, exploring, etc. I just want the classic beat a level go on to the next and have a cutscene/FMV play during the appropriate time. I would also like the AOD trilogy to continue as planned. I think Crystal Dynamics could come up with very interesting ideas for the next tomb raider game following up after AOD. But I didn't like the whole darker Lara and up that in the next tomb raider Lara will get her act together.

Now for outfits and weapons. I liked the outfits in tomb raider AOD. I would like to see more of those outfits from AOD, but not the jeans/casual outfit since Lara would be going to more tombs I am hoping. I did like the combat pants, wetsuit, and traditional Lara outfit with shorts. I would like to see a return of the blue/green top Lara whore in TR1-TR5. It just adds a bit more color to lara. As far as weapons, I would like to for Crystal Dynamics drop most of the weapons from AOD and make a return of some classic weapons. Almost all the weapons in AOD were hand-guns and basically looked the same. I want the classic dual pistols, Uzi's, shotgun, etc.

For graphics, I think AOD handled that part extremely well. I don't think Crystal Dynamics will have a problem achieving this. I also hope for C-D to use the same atmosphere from TR1-TR4. I want big outstanding levels where the player drops the controller (St. Francis Folly anyone?). I think Lara should take a break from all the modern city levels. The city-type levels can sometimes be a good break from underground tombs. But when practically all the levels are city-based or non-tomb based than it gets annoying and loses the tomb raider feel.

I think Crystal Dynamics has a chance on creating a good tomb raider. Hopefully they can think of newer ideas, but still keep the classic tomb raider feel. I know allot of people are complaining about the move, but I think we should just give C-D a chance. I think we should all start to judge or complain
about the next tomb raider when screenshots/news/videos of TR7 start to approach. As for now lets just all hush and wait :D.


15th Aug 2003, 03:17
I dont know wath mean that key for the control I use PC´s but I think that is ok. I like the traditional style when you use the mouse to turn the character left or right, look up and down, and the keyboard to move left or right, advance or back.

And I really really like the real moves, but also I wish that CD make the combar more realistic, one bullet on the head (of lara or any enemy) and the end. Also the and to hand combat is a very good idea. AND PLEASE CD!! DONT PUT UNLIMITED AMMO!!!