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Senor v2
14th Aug 2003, 20:57
Dude i cant wait to be the insane clown posse i follow Juggalo wrestling in the magazines and know everything about it! and i cant wait to Play it!!!!!!!!!!


What consoles are it on?

Grey Mouser
14th Aug 2003, 21:14
Glad to see you are looking forward to this game. :)

Link to the Official BYW Game Site:

BackYard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home! (http://www.bywgame.com/index.html)

It is planned to be released on PS2 and Xbox.


Senor v2
15th Aug 2003, 08:45
Thanks Grey mouser, i think ill add this to my favourites!:D

19th Aug 2003, 03:31
hio, this is my first post! HURRAY!? not really.........

anyway, i am a wrestling fan, and i have to say, THIS GAME LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO AWESEOM!!!!! i cant wait to hit those ICP *****'s with a florescent lightbulb mick foley style. i cant wait. and the table thats on fire.............OMFG!!!!!!!!! AND THUMBTACKS! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!

one thing i was wondering, i hope that in the game you can have custom soundtracks (of coarse in talking about the BETTER system xbox), because im not gonna listen to that ICP bull***** while im playing such a high quality game. oh, and i also wish that in the game you can use windows. for example, you could find a pane of glass and smash it over some poor guys heads. or you could lay it on the ground and piledrive there head through it! that would be awesome. or you could set the glass on fire and then....................................:D

Senor v2
19th Aug 2003, 15:08
those are some good ideas that i think everybody including me would love to see in the game!

20th Aug 2003, 17:53
hello everybody Juggalo_joe here, i hope i can be an integral member of this board!!!!!!!

Is there anybody else here except Senor and tre_green?

22nd Aug 2003, 17:44
Hey folks, I'm el moderator for this forum. Let me know if you have any ?'s?

26th Aug 2003, 11:10
This game looks like it will be phat as hell! Even without ICP it would be a great game, ICP just adds that big ass plus to it.
I do have a question however, those screenshots on www.bywgame.com are those from the Xbox or PS2, and will there be a big difference between the systems?
Just wondering if it will look as good on my ps2 as it does on the pics? Especially the one where Violent J got hit and is flying thru the air looks really fat!

26th Aug 2003, 16:02
From what I've seen of the game. The screenshots are pretty close to the actual graphics. Of course the images have been cleaned up a bit. But the game isn't finished yet, so it will probably get better. As for your other question, from what I can tell, PS2 and X-Box are almost identical. Obviously it will look slightly better on Xbox due to the much higher processer speed and video card. But the game still looks great! Very fun and addicting!

Happy Gaming:D

26th Aug 2003, 20:43
well i have been waiting for ICP to make a wrestling game. And since Def Jam Vendetta was so sucsessful this should be even better, since Juggalos and WWE fans will probably pick up a copy.

27th Aug 2003, 08:13
I know I'm getting it, and some other juggalos too, so most probably will. I just hope there won't be any major changes in the PAL version of it, for all of us european juggalos.
I can't wait to play this game, I hope they release another video sample of it or some screenshots soon.

Senor v2
27th Aug 2003, 14:18
I hope this game turns out to be as succesfull as Def Jam Vendetta and the WWE games cos the juggalo wrestling will get the recognition it deserves!

27th Aug 2003, 15:15
I hope it will be succesfull, compared to def jam vendetta it should be more succesfull since it has much more freedom however this is like the "underdog" since it's a whole new untested genre, it will probably take a while though. All of these smackdown games and the other popular ones have had alot of time to get that big and popular. Or like the GTA games that sells huge numbers even before they're released, it wasn't always like that. So perhaps this game will be fairly popular, and if there is a sequal it will get bigger and bigger and basically "do a Tony Hawk". It will most likely get alot of exposure though when it sells a fairly high number of copies, mainly to all the hardcore juggalos and backyard wrestlers out there.

27th Aug 2003, 20:10
Its Plain and simple, this game will kick ass!

28th Aug 2003, 02:00
im with everyone else, this game looks kick @$$! im gonna buy it the DAY it comes out. anyway, has anyone seen that mansion lvl in the game? well i saw a pic earlier today and this guy was JUMP OFF THE ROOF OF THAT MANSION ONTO A GUY ON A TABLE! IT LOOKED SOOOOOOOO COOOL!!!!! WHY EIDOS WHY!?! WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WAIT TO PLAY WITH MASTERPIECE???? I HAVE BEEN PLAYGIN ALL THE CRAPPY WRESTLING GAMES FOR A GAME LIKE THIS!! WHY!!!!!!!!! (ps, take your time eidos, i want you to make it as cool as possible)

Senor v2
28th Aug 2003, 13:35
Yeah that mansion level looks sweet i cant wait to play it!

28th Aug 2003, 13:42
Dude check out my new sig!

29th Aug 2003, 19:24
Backyard Wrestling Game
Made By Top Developer
Psychopathic Records Involvement

= Best Computer Game, ever.

Peece & MNL

- Krazy

2nd Sep 2003, 21:37
YAY! FLAMING TABLES! sorry, im bored

18th Sep 2003, 06:30
Sup everyone!

This game is gonna be huge from what I've been reading on various game sites and game mags. Wrestling fans are undoubtedly looking for something like this, and have been for some time. The juggalos have been waiting for ICP to be in a game for some time too, (not counting the psuedo cameos in WWF RAW for PS1 when using the CAWS), and those two facts alone will sell mad copies, as said earlier. Though I like the smackdown games, I'm hyped up about this one. Mainly I like the idea of the counter system they have been talking about. The weapons of course are gonna be tight, but mostly the large levels and interactivity are gonna be dope!I preordered it already but still cant wait any longer, I'm gonna str8 beat down everyone with Shaggz when this game drops, the Southwest Strangla will be in full effect!!!!


Peace out for now wrestling fans!

20th Sep 2003, 20:34
This game looks great! The first time I saw a BYW video is "THIS HAS TO BE MADE INTO A GAME!" And it's so great that i'll actually be able to beat the crap out of those ICP jerks. The only thing is,the game looks a little fake. The special moves are a joke and the tables just shatter intead of splitting.Also,The rings look too fake. It would be great to have some homemade rings and weapons instead of these ones.

Senor v2
21st Sep 2003, 11:51
I know what you mean, i am totally impressed with the game and all but when i saw the tables my heart dropped a bit, because you would expect them to make smashing someone through a table as real as possible because lets face it, absolutely one of the best things i would wanna do is smash shaggy2dope through a table and then feel and watch the impact on my tv.

25th Sep 2003, 00:55
BACKYARD WRESTLING IS GONNA BE THE BOMB!!! I cant wait to be Madrox or Monoxide! The game is gonna be great. Just the fact that ICP an Twiztid are gonna be in it is gonna be enough for it to be cool.An all the levels seem to be awesome. It was gettin kind of boring playing in a stupid ring but now that this is coming out wrestling games are going to a higher standard.

Senor v2
25th Sep 2003, 14:06
Damn right! This game could set the pace for other wrestling games! So watch out WWE Smackdown 5 could be the last good wrestling game you make compared to BYW.

25th Sep 2003, 19:04
Man nothing is gonna compare to backyard wrestling! Its gonna be a whole new thing for the Juggalos/ettes an for nyone who likes wrestling. The new video just shows its on another level! This game is gonna be the freshest thing out there!!!

Senor v2
26th Sep 2003, 09:47
That video is awesome i totally agree with you.

26th Sep 2003, 10:30
The new video is great, it looks clean, the flow is great, the movement of the characters look realistic, the camera movement, the music fits perfectly. One thing that impressed me was how Tom Dub beat Rudeboy with a stick, then quickly moved behind him and strangled him with the same stick, before it finally broke off, sending Rudeboy crashing into a table.