View Full Version : men in grey (help)

14th Aug 2003, 10:41
I think I've blown up all the computers (and returned to my base and blew mine up), where am I going wrong? :mad:

14th Aug 2003, 13:56
Here is all you have to do:

Make it to the waterfall
Destroy the enemy fuel drums
Destroy the enemy computers

The 6 fuel drums are scattered around the outside of the enemy base.

14th Aug 2003, 14:06
thought I'd done all that, are there more computers somewhere?

14th Aug 2003, 19:55
Did you get the message that you had successfully reached the waterfall?


Did you get the message that all fuel barrels were destroyed?


Did you get the message telling you that you had destroyed the enemy computers?

It has to TELL you that you have completed the previous objective before it will count the next one. Two fuel barrels are obvious, one is behind that little building to your left. The fourth is faaaar in the back. The fifth is on top of that building that's to the right, and the sixth is behind that building and to the right, right on the ground where the wall makes a corner with the canyon wall. I... THINK it's wedged in the corner. Anyway, you'll see it when you go back there.

Aside from that, it takes a few homing missiles to take out ALL the computers (I shoot the left, middle, and right to be sure). Don't even try without the homing missiles. Though, grenades may do the trick...

14th Aug 2003, 20:42
Did your destroy the monitor upstairs in their base and destroy all the screens and made sure they're all blown up ?

15th Aug 2003, 11:01
Thanks very much for all that, I'll go back and give it some to the computers, I have shot the screen upstairs and thought the comp's were destroyed. does the challenge finish there and then?

15th Aug 2003, 12:56
yes if you have done everythign else once you destroy the last computer it ends.