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13th Aug 2003, 18:42
You know those dreams that are so believable that it feels like reality?

I had one this morning...

It was finally the day of Defiance's release, and as any self-respected LOK addict, I stormed the local store and bought the game and manuel book (for the art... really.... :D ). Then I got home, and popped it into the PS2, and enjoyed myself.

Then I woke up, very upset that it's still a couple of months away.


The dream game was mostly extropolated from the video trailers.

Although I'm trying to figure out why I remember seeing Ben Lincoln somewhere in the dream....

Edit: Sorry Darcketh about deleting your post

13th Aug 2003, 22:23
:eek: Man i had that dream too a few days ago... i dreamt i dl it off the net the day it was released and was playing on it in 10 min intervals (don't ask why) then i went out and bought it... then the dream got abit more foxy so the game got left behind :D

14th Aug 2003, 04:48

I have had many "crazy" dreams, but never a one where I was playing a game. Especially I haven't ever dreamt about anything LoK releated. :(

No problem Abellah. :)

14th Aug 2003, 07:27
i had a Dream that Raziel Killed mobius and that Janos was there :confused:

14th Aug 2003, 07:55
Mine is the worst :

Inthe dream I was playing defiance but play as Vorador, and I ask:"Shouldn't be Lord Kain? And I remember I was in august now." Then suddenly Raziel(sit with me) tell me:" Yes they had replace Lord Kain by Vorador as the second playable character in the game. And, how can you still feel you're in August? Now is already NOvember!"

Then I woke up with cold sweat, and only reliazed what had I dreamed afew minutes ago...

Apocrypha Roxy
14th Aug 2003, 16:20
I never dream, unfortunately. What did you guys eat/drink that night before? Because I want some of it! :D

Matt from Spam Buddies
14th Aug 2003, 17:53
It's time I joined the freakshow. :)

I also saw a LOK-D-related dream just recently. As I recall, just the night before.

In that dream I went to the local store to check my usual gaming-magazines, in order to locate any new LOK-D articles or screenshots.
I did find something. Two concept art pictures, which quite resembled earlier ones. And the box art for the game.
On that box art I saw fallen demon Raziel gliding (or flying) over a strange city with red light. It was similar to the Ewok camps or Cloud City (on Bespin) from Star Wars (EPVI-TROTJ). But it wasn't sci-fi, rather Gothic.

Naturally, I couldn't read the article, since we all know one can't read in dreams. :(

Wacky, huh? ;)

- Matthew

16th Aug 2003, 03:25
in ur Dreams do u play as kain or raizel etc or r u watching them play becasue i am them :)

Evelin The Winged
21st Aug 2003, 19:54
I had a dream too! But in my dream I was playing the demo-but still, I was really enjoying myself...

...but then I woke up...grrr...

son of Turel
29th Aug 2003, 21:58
i had one once, it was the day that Defiance got out in here, so i bought the game, when i started playing on my playstation2 (which i don't own, yet i owned one in my dream lol) i was playing a demo version of SR2:mad:

Matt, your saying that one cant read in his dreams. Actually i can, but the text i read then is really nonsense (Like, I saw a rabbit-airplane like grass wall monitor screen, a sentince i remember from a dream a few days ago) A bit off-topic perhaps, but i had to post it:)

30th Aug 2003, 21:37
OK i think i'm becoming obsessed now cos i had ANOTHER dream of defiance, altho this time i actually played the game... Was an odd dream. Has anyone ever played Sacrifice for the PC? Well my dream was sort of a Sacrifice/SR2 combo. I was Raziel with lots of little demons chasing me and as i was devouring souls chasing after Kain across a large bridge when i was dropped in a large **** storm of melee... Still was worth it :) i'm getting more and more hyped as the days go :D

Lady Minerva
1st Sep 2003, 20:01
Matt, your saying that one cant read in his dreams. Actually i can, but the text i read then is really nonsense (Like, I saw a rabbit-airplane like grass wall monitor screen, a sentince i remember from a dream a few days ago) A bit off-topic perhaps, but i had to post it:)

Gee, I thought I was the only one that had readable dreams. Except that when I get them, the text is plain and clear. I wonder why this is?

1st Sep 2003, 22:40
Man, this is spooky!

I had a Defiance dream last night, and man, was I scared.

I was playing Defiance... but I was in the game, as strange as that sounds, very, very disturbing sensation.

Kain misted(no, it's not a word :p) through a gate, only to see Raziel slouching against the wall with a smoke and a cup of coffee in his hand.

I (Kain) asked Raziel where he got the coffee from, as he opened his mouth, it wasn't Mr Bell at all, it was that 'COFFEE GUY!' from either BO1 or BO2 disk (Ben will hopefully know what I'm on about here).

Raziel closed his mouth, but the 'COFFEE GUY!' was still going on... I walked down a corridor to a trailer with all the cast and crew taking a break from filming (yes, a film crew in the game). Kain turned towards the screen, and said to me "Could you leave us alone for a few minutes?" "Sure" I said, and walked off to get some coffee, as the 'COFFEE GUY!' sound was still going on.

I walk back in and see Kain with Raziel having a smoke. Kain saw me and quickly threw it away, saying "It's about time!".

I grabbed the controller, ran down a bit of a tunnel... only to end up in a pipe leading out to a dam (think Fujative[sp]). Moebius was behind me, pointing his staff at me... from what I gather it didn't have any effect, as Kain jumped off, into the water.

As he was falling, the Elder made an appearence in the water below... then I woke up :s

son of Turel
2nd Sep 2003, 10:29
Lady Minerva, i'm glad im not the only one:D
Yet, in most of these dreams i read a text, but while i read it the text is absolute nonsens, and starts to fade away after reading it, i remember that one though

Matt from Spam Buddies
2nd Sep 2003, 13:19
Woah, Om. That's wiggy. :eek:

- Matthew

2nd Sep 2003, 18:26
I remember a totally ridiculous dream a while back, not LoK related.

I had a friend over, who, for some reason, was lying in my microwave. I went out to my backgarden and heard a loud crack. I returned to find my friend all burnt, so I placed him in a bin bag and gave him to my neighbour.:confused:

Thats it. There was some other stuff that I couldn't remember, But my school friend were amused.

Matt from Spam Buddies
2nd Sep 2003, 18:46
I once saw the big yellow bird from the Sesame Street climbing my house.

Probably wanted to steal something, that good for nothing lousy yellow chicken...

- Matthew

2nd Sep 2003, 23:03
Originally posted by Matt from Spam Buddies
I once saw the big yellow bird from the Sesame Street climbing my house.

Probably wanted to steal something, that good for nothing lousy yellow chicken...

- Matthew

lmao... BIG BIRD!


I really, really shouldn't know that...

Apocrypha Roxy
3rd Sep 2003, 01:19
Fess up, Omega, everybody knows who Big Bird is...

I believe X-Box Gamer magazine (?) mentioned Kain and Raziel as a necroctic (or as I first read, neurotic) Bert and Ernie. Apt, isn't it? The neurotic bit, that is...

And am I mistaken, or is Rene possibly Grover's voice? Sure did sound like him at the end of the outtakes. I totally dig Grover... screw Elmo... :p

Wow, I REALLY shouldn't know this, either...

Gives new meaning to the phrase 'ass-deep in alligators'.:D

Umah Bloodomen
3rd Sep 2003, 01:22
Actually Frank Oz voices Grover.

You may recognize his work as Miss Piggy and Jedi Master Yoda as well. ;)

3rd Sep 2003, 05:54
I had a dream too 2 days ago. I dreamt I was at the Sarafan base looking for Raz and Kain already left the building. I had no weapon and I couldn't fight so I had to hide everytime I heard someone coming. I woke up, looked for my Raz doll, went back to sleep, and was back at the base again!

I should stop reading the forums before bedtime, otherwise I get too giddy :D

Matt from Spam Buddies
3rd Sep 2003, 16:09
Originally posted by Umah Bloodomen
You may recognize his work as Miss Piggy and Jedi Master Yoda as well. ;)

This gives "A piece of me you want, hmmmr?" a whole new meaning. ;)

- Matthew

Apocrypha Roxy
4th Sep 2003, 03:39

Thank you, Umah, for clearing that up for me.

Kain & Raz = Neurotic Bert & Ernie...

-guffaw- :D

5th Sep 2003, 15:13
I had a wierd dream the other night.

I dreamt that my boyfriend didn't want me any more and I was terribly heart broken,

then Trinity turned up and told me I was in the Matrix, we heard a little 'whine, click click, click' and I thought, "***** - I know that sound!", and then suddenly we were over-run with Replicators, I found a pump-action shotgun in my hand and was blasting the little blighters! They exploded everywhere in showers of replicator blocks, "But Nooooo!" I scream in the best Sarah Connor style, "there are too many of them!" they were all along the floor, walls and ceiling of the corridoor that Trinity and I found ourselves in. We jumped into the buggy from StarTrek:Nemisis, that Trinity was driving at breakneck speed with me still firing at the army of little nasty robots in hot pursuit!

I then woke up. Later I told my boyfriend and he said, "Darling, you really must cut down on the Sci-Fi."!!!!

P.S. The Replicators are small but nasty little metal bugs that attack in droves, resembling spiders from Stargate SG1 - if anyone is wondering.

Matt from Spam Buddies
5th Sep 2003, 15:43

Where were Batman, Spider-Man and the X-Men? :D

- Matthew

11th Sep 2003, 10:23
Ummm, I don't know, they didn't make an appearance which was indeed a shame.

I have a theory that my dream was made up of all the Sci-fi I had recently been watching, eg, The Matrix:Reloaded, The Terminator Trilogy (a ritual re-watching of the previous two before we went to see Rise of the Machines - are we sad or what?), StarTrek:Nemisis, and an ever increasing collection of Stargate SG1 dvds (- HMV had them in for £6.99 each, what a bargin!).

11th Sep 2003, 12:43
I thought I found about 15 more screenshots last night in my sleep of Defiance. And than my girlfrend woke me up and said that i was searching for an empty cd-r to burn them on.

Very weird.

Matt from Spam Buddies
11th Sep 2003, 16:07
I've had StarGate SG-1 dreams as well. :)
Very awesome, it had a bit of Aliens mixed to it, too.

TM dreams rock. I had one where I was dodging bullets and thus walking the wall, too. Whee. :p

- Matthew

12th Sep 2003, 23:32
*****, isn't that how it's all supposed to start? What if it's the dreams that are real and we really are all in the thrall of the Matrix? Scarry stuff.

12th Sep 2003, 23:33
Only joking! (For all you parraniods out there!)

Apocrypha Roxy
13th Sep 2003, 02:23
Which leaves me wondering...

How far down DOES the Rabbit Hole go? :confused: :p

24th Sep 2003, 01:54
And everyone I know thinks I'm weird. Don't get me wrong, I had a LOK related dream, but it can't compare to the deep seeded issues and twisted perceptions of reality that obviously spawned everyone elses. In my dream, the game was a fusion of ...get this...Soulreaver1 and Devil may cry1.(Now people, I seriously stress the 1's because the sequels to any of these games must not... at no point in time... enter your minds, because they are just not as good as the originals.) So I'm watching the intro, the Hylden has formed a dark alliance with Mundus and have transported Raziel to Dante's dimension, in an effort to have our anti-heroes kill each other. Raziel is transported to a haunted mansion that Dante is currently "working". Raziel, alarmed at the change in his present surrounding decides to keep a low profile, and keeps to the shadows. He then observes Dante finishing off a "blade", and decides to take it's soul. After doing this from a safe distance above the action, he is noticed by Dante, and tries to leave without a confrontation. But Dante, being a hot head, persues this demon-like creature forcing a confrontation. If only you could see the glorious battle that then ensued.(both going easy at first, and then increasing their attacks little by little. The soulreaver vs the demon blade, Raziel's glyph spells vs Dante's demon forms and dual pistols. Ahhhh... I can still picture it.) After they somehow(I really can't remember) realize they were setup they formed an alliance and the game was about to start after Dante introduced Raziel to Trish, but then I woke up.
Have you ever been so angry and yet so sad at the same time? :mad: :(
So what does everyone think? Any good?

25th Sep 2003, 23:25
If only there was a way to recall dreams from the deep recesses of one's mind and show them through a film projector, or something. One of my goals in life (should I become vastly rich) is to see if this is possible.

Yes, I've had a whole slew of LOK dreams. I had a Defiance dream where you had to fight Turel right off the bat, and he was quite powerful, even for Raziel (who I think fought him).

It's weird, but in the past year or so I've been able to more easily recognize when I'm in a dream and when I'm not. Lucid dreams are the sweetest. Of course, I never think to wake up after I figure out I'm dreaming (where's the fun in that?), so I use my new kickass abilities to fly and blow stuff up with my mind. I had an awesome vampire-fighting dream not long ago that played out Matrix-style.

Then once I dreamt I got a glimpse of Heaven, and Raziel showed up and he was old folded up like a piece of paper. So I unfolded him, and he was grateful. I figured having Raziel indebted to you is a good thing. Oh, and God managed Heaven and Hell, and was both the Lord and the Devil. I thought that was pretty cool. And twisted. He kicked ass as both. Where's my Ritalin?